1. J

    Gunsmithing Feed Ramp Questions

    Hello...I picked up my first big rifle recently. I've notice that when i chamber a round into the gun that the feed ramp seems to scratch the cases a bit.. I have put 40 rounds through it and was thinking perhaps i should have the ramp polished. I have searched and search and found no...
  2. D

    Hunting & Fishing Kill a Groundhog - Feed an Eagle

    Went Groundhoggin' today with my shootin' partner John. I got dibs on the first shot and managed to drop this ol' boy with one shot @ 352 yards. Well not ten minutes later a group of Buzzards came in to the free meal. We watched and shot some video footage of the clean up crew. They hung around...
  3. mark5pt56

    700 feed issues

    I was shooting my new 700P today and once in a while the bolt would ride over the rounds in the mag. They were loaded properly, down, level and back. Is it possible that something isn't cut right in the receiver? Mark
  4. rc2125

    700 rem spsv .243, aics/ai mag, will it feed ok?

    Ordered an AICS for rem 700 short action .243, Will the rounds feed ok out of the Ai mag? Assumed they would, but might as well ask....googled and only found some info on a 243ai having some issues.
  5. S

    center feed box any better?

    I'm thinking of using a Wyatt's center mag feed box for a Rem 700 build. I have an ADL donor and was planning on using a Williams bottom metal. Will this mag box function 'better' than a standard BDL box (this will be for a 260 Rem)? Thanks. Rich
  6. softcock

    Gunsmithing Got '100% 0n' - bolt-Rem Whisper feed issues

    Hey just got 100% reliable feeding with my whisper Boltaction, ' using' ( factory Internal mag.box and factory spring & follower ) .223 bolt - Rem. 700 receiver as platform for my 30-221/whisper. Was always haveing a problem getting 100% reliable feeding with those FAT .30 cal. 240 grn...
  7. R

    Gunsmithing New Center Feed Wyatt Boxes or model 700 Remington

    I am building two .284 Winchesters on Stiller Predator actions. I called Kevin Wyatt about using his expanded and extended mag boxes because I was not pleased with his old Center round mag boxes for the Short Mags(or fatter than 308 cases). Kevin Informed me he had added to his line 4130 CM...
  8. S

    Suppressors XD45 with 200gr LSWC feed problems

    I'm having problems with using a 200 gr LSWC in my XD45. I've only shot 100 rounds of these that I loaded for my XD45, but I have had more hangups and FTF than any of the thousands of 9mm I have ever loaded. Seems that with the majority of the hangups, the little squarish egdge would have a...
  9. nashlaw

    Gunsmithing Action Feed Rails

    What if any, is the difference in feed rails on a .308 vs. a .223 on a Remington?
  10. A

    Feed Ramp marking bullets

    It seems my AICS mag causes my bullets to slam into the feeding ramp and scrape up the ramp and leave copper jacket bits behind on the ramp. With help from a separate thread I was able to adjust my AICS 5rd mag to not scrape the feed ramp as much. However, after extracting the bullet (carefully)...