1. Huntinfool

    Hunting & Fishing I'm On Fire Anybody Else???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Fellows anybody gettin' ramped up for this fall yet! I saw this little 3 year old (?) down close to one of my huntin' spots! Here he is with maybe his son? And finally munchin' some grundage!! And keepin' an eye on yours truly! ~HF~
  2. BeerAlchemist

    Slam fire and primers

    Tired of paying .45 a round for my AR so I have been setting up to reload and been doing my homework. That said, the whole slam fire issue on autoloaders has me a little worried. I contacted Young manufacturing (who made my AR's bolt) and they said with .223 AR's I shouldn't worry as long as...
  3. N

    FAL slam fire?

    This is on a Springfield Armory SAR 4800, Brazilian-made (Imbel?) rifle that I got several years ago and a few years later put a DSA trigger, sear, charging handle kit, etc. on it to get rid of the thumbhole stock and legally transform it into a proper-looking FAL. Over the years it's been...
  4. shankster..

    Maggie’s Guy Smoking a Cigarette & Heating NOS Tanks w Fire

    What a great video; A guy is smoking a cigarette as he heats his two large NOS tanks inside his Honda Civic with a propane torch next to commercial kerosene tanks at a gas station in preparation of illegally racing an ATV on a public street. The comedy ensues and he never thought to have a...
  5. T

    Advanced Marksmanship Rapid fire field target shooting in Norway

    Col. Stang invented this event, now called just Stangshooting, as the Krag Jørgensen rifle became the official Norwegian army rifle at the end of the 1890'ies. The rules are simple: Put as many rounds as you can in a target in 25 seconds. Typical target and range varies but usually it is a head...
  6. C

    unintended auto fire from new 5.7 upper

    Wondered if others had this issue with the 5.7 uppers? I bought a new 5.7 upper and mounted it on a 5.56 DPMS lower- Using FN blue box ammo, the first two trigger pulls sent single rounds down range without any issue. However, the next trigger pull fired a four round burst-Necks of the cases...
  7. thumper49802

    FGMM Fire Formed brass issues.

    Ok, heres the deal. I have some FGMM 308, that i fired through my M40A3. Now im reloading them, for use in the same rifle. Im using 175 SMK's. Now here is the problem. I loaded 20 rounds, i have 9 rounds that will chamber nicely, the others will bind up, not lock in, or just plain not let the...
  8. Platypus

    .22 dry fire

    I am looking for some feedback on utilizing .22 LR dummy rounds to cycle through the action and for dry fire. I bought a box of 50 from Brownells and curious if anyone else is using these for dry fire in their .22's. I have an old 10/22 firing pin that has been shaved down to keep it from...
  9. S

    Fieldcraft Painting "Safe" and "Fire"

    I tried to do some searching on here to no avail. I'm interested in the proper way to paint the safe and fire on my AR. I've seen some partial information on using Testors enamel but I don't want to start painting until I know its the right way. Thanks!
  10. B

    Rifle Scopes Burris Fast Fire?

    How good are these? I'm planning on putting one on my AR15 MOD1 using a Daniel Defense 1 oclock mount. Will these stand up to the "recoil/shock" of a 223?