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  1. ChrisWay

    Kraft Data part 2 (stress number)

    Hey guys! For those of you shooting the diamond Kraft drill, here’s the second part of the data collection project that will contribute to the numbers presented on RifleKraft later this week. if you have a hard time with the aim point on the diamond just use a colored marker and fill in the...
  2. Bear1845

    Butt Pad Positioning Questions

    I've seen that several chassis (MPA, AI, etc.) allow for positioning the buttpad high and off the axis of the rifle, canted for lack of better term. Does anyone have a methodology for arriving at this when working natural point of aim fundamentals and the like?
  3. velayo_0317

    PRS Talk Followthrough

    Followthrough, to me, is defined as the continued application of the fundamentals of marksmanship until both the shooter and rifle have recovered from recoil. Once that round goes down range the only piece of information I care about processing in my brain is where that little guy is going. If...
  4. BigBrother

    Advanced Marksmanship Fundamentals question...

    Hey all. As I continue to refine the fundamentals, and see the clear results, I'm learning and improving more and more, and am coming to a new step each time. My question now is around relaxation. I am using NPA, BRASS, and follow through, but one thing is tripping me up. Jim Owens talks...
  5. j-huskey

    Advanced Marksmanship Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

    Based on the two topics, "Is Marksmanship Dead" and Equipment Versus Shooter" and the comments engendered. I know nobody here needs to read what is about to be posted, but it's been around a long time and used by a lot of people and covers fundamentals pretty well. I know, reticle is mispelled...