1. The4GunGuy

    Reloading Equipment WTT H4350 for H4895 ONLY (Houston Area)

    I have an 8lb container of H4350 that I'd like to trade for 8lbs of H4985 ONLY. No other trades or straight sale of the H4350 will be considered. Houston, TX area only. Thanks.
  2. R

    H4350 in 6.5 PRC

    So I am going to attempt to use this bullet from PVA for mule deer and possibly elk this year in my Seekins Havak 6.5 PRC https://patriotvalleyarms.com/flm-6-5mm-122gr-cayuga-hunting-bullets-50ct/ I called them and they said they recommend using 4350 powder for this. I have h4350, but also...
  3. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT 4k LRP CCI 200 Primers for Varget or Shooters World Precision

    Like the title says. Central TX (Austin)
  4. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT H4350 for Varget or SW Precision

    I have (2) 8 lb kegs of H4350 two different lots (SEALED). Wanting to trade for Varget or Shooters World Precision. Do not want to sell at this time. Located In Austin TX
  5. dkramper

    Reloading Equipment H4350 and primers for trade(sotx)

    What I have 300 cci magnum srp #450 $20 per 100 200 cci srp #400 $20 per 100 500 cci spp #550 $20 per 100 200 federal Magnum sp #gm200m $20 per 100 2-4lbs Hodgdon H4350 $50 per pound These prices are set high because I am more interested in trades. But cash will work if you wanna pay it. I am...
  6. Rifle_Rob_

    6.5 reloading shortage? Is there a Walter White here!?

    In today’s climate, I’ve got to make chicken salad out of chicken...well you get it. RPR 24” Pet load (was): 42g of H4350 143gr eld-x P-mag depth 2.80 Depth to lans is 2.9875 so considerable jump blasting the cci 250s magnums ~around 2750fps. Out of 200 hand loads I had one split neck (could...
  7. D

    SOLD WTS WTT 4350 and Varget For 300 PRC powder (Colorado)

    I have two new, unopened 8# jugs of 4350, one H4350 and one Accurate 4350, both proved to be very accurate and nearly identical velocities. I also have 10 singles of Varget from the same lot. I am looking to trade pound for pound for the following: Accurate 4064 IMR 8028 XBR IMR 8133 H1000...
  8. Gettingbetter

    The Correct Balance

    Constantly learning and trying new things, I find myself wondering if the groups and velocities that I am shooting are as good as they are going to get or do I still search for the perfect load. Ive just purchased my newest precision rifle in 6.5 creedmoor and am getting less than half inch...
  9. Lucks

    Reloading Equipment I have powder, BR2 primers, brass, bullets, etc for trade/sale TEXAS FF

    Hey I live in Temple, TX here in Central Texas. I have three 8lb H4350, and three 1lb H4831SC. I also have ~9500 6500 CCI BR-2 large rifle primers. Also, four new boxes of 50 ct. Hornady 6.5 CM brass and one box of new 100 ct. .308 Lapua brass. Also 3500 Berger 6.5mm 140 gr target hybrids. I’d...
  10. Curahee19

    Reloading Equipment WTB H4350 and varget

    I can’t find these anywhere. If anyone’s selling or knows shops that have them in stock please reach out to me
  11. lowlight

    Who is using IMR 4166 for 6.5CM

    Okay I need some good load information or the 6.5 Creedmoor using 4166 ? I have Varget and H4350 data, but trying some Enduro ... Using a 120gr Bullet and I want some speed...
  12. 4

    H4350 leads ?

    Just checked every where I can imagine. Any ideas guys? Thanks!
  13. L

    Purchase of H4350 powder

    Anyone know where I can get some H4350 on the internet. Thanks
  14. desertrat1979

    178 amax+H4350 for 30-06

    Ok, the reloading bug bit me. A while back I picked up some 178 amax's and gave them a try using the last bit of RL22. I was amazed at how much better they did than the 190SMK's I was working with. Now I cant find any reloader but I do have H4350 and IMR4831. I have load data on the 4831 and...
  15. S

    6.5 Creed'- H4350 Equal?

    Does anyone have anything equal to H4350 in the 6.5 Creedmoor? 4831SC is a little too slow, so what of any others?
  16. C

    H4350 and 308

    Anyone tried H4350 for their 308 loads?
  17. Tribe

    Min/Max 300 Rem SAUM - H4350

    Hey fellas, Looking to run some ladders for the following bullets: 175 SMK 210 SMK 220 SMK 240 VLD If anyone has published Min/Max loads for H4350, I would be much obliged. Thanks much.
  18. Tribe

    Min/Max 6mmx47 Lapua - H4350

    Hey fellas, Looking to run some ladders for the following bullets: 105 Amax 105 VLD 107 SMK 115 VLD If anyone has published Min/Max loads for H4350, I would be much obliged. Thanks much.
  19. S

    IMR 4350 vs H4350

    Whats the difference and what one do you think is better?