1. Sendero_Man

    H4831SC for 6-6.5x47 or different loads ?

    anyone using this for the 105 to 115 bullets ? thanks
  2. glock24

    243 Winchester, 105g A-Max, and H4831SC?

    Anybody running this? I'm looking for a good starting powder for a 243 Winchester and the 105 grain A-max out of a 28 x 1/8" Walther. I'd like to stick with Hodgdon Extreme powders (temp insensitivity) unless someone has a compelling reason not to. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. mattmcg

    Issues running H4831SC with 243 Win DTACs?

    I've got a ton of H4831SC powder that I've been using for my 260 Remington but have added a 243 Win rifle to the mix. I see on Hodgdon's website that H4831SC can be used with this but the volumes are quite a bit more than H4350 and others. Are there any issues with running this powder with 115...
  4. T

    Looking for reloader 15 and H4831sc

    Does anybody have any R15 and H4831sc that you will sell or trade for something? One pound of each will tide me over. Thanks for the help.
  5. S

    6.5 Creedmore/ H4831SC?

    I know H4350 is standard, has anyone tried H4831SC or would it be too compressed and or too high in pressure? Inquiring minds want to know...
  6. C

    H4831 and H4831SC Are the burn rates the same?

    In my area H4831 is becoming harder to find, but everybody seems to have H4831SC availiable. I have a 308 norma mag that loves H4831. But everybody tells me the two powders are the same. Can anyone give me rock hard evidence of this. I have a match this weekend and I don't need any surprises.
  7. GBMaryland

    223 Remington Load - H4831SC??!?!

    Anyone know if 20Gr of H4831SC will work with 52 SMK or A-Max bullets in 223 Remington? (Hodgdon H4831SC.....) Is this a functional load? ...a dangerous load... anyone know?