1. Stockman

    Cheap(er) bullets

    I had my 5R rebarrelled in 65Creed, Krieger barrel. Upgrading this rifle was an investment and I want to do this right. This is not meant to be a barrel break in thread. I’ll do a basic shoot clean procedure but not get too crazy with it. I do reload but haven’t loaded any 65Creed yet. I...

    SOLD WTS Compass Lake AR build

    KE arms lower, stag lower parts kit, compass lake upper with BCM BCG. Approx 500 rounds through upper and it shoots under 1”. 20” trigger barrel fluted for build. $1050 shipped lower 48 PP FF
  3. B

    Firearms Rem 700 .260/.308 for sale

    I have a Remington 700, Mcree G10 folding chassis, timney trigger, custom bolt handle, badger base, 22" medium palma 1:8 .260 Remington Krieger, and 22" 1:10 .308 with a rem/age style barrel nut. .308 barrel came from Mcree and shoots sub 6" at 1000 with 185 berger hybrids. .260 barrels shoots...
  4. JMcE42

    Firearms LRI Mausingfield 6.5 Creedmoor KRG W3

    Sold & Shipped I have a LRI built 6.5 Creedmoor that I'm looking to sell. Specs below. ARC Mausingfield Krieger #17 Heavy Varmint barrel 24" (aprox. 1800 rounds) LRI Cathedral Port break KRG W3 Gen 5 Folding chassis Sako Green w/ ARCA rail & spigot mount Large & Small grip panels, & SAP 2 round...
  5. S

    Firearms Custom 6MM Creedmoor barrled action

    WTS 6mm Creedmoor_ Comes with Masterpiece comp chassis w/ full weight kit. The chassis is roughly one month old was used in one tournament turns out it is not my cup of tea. The actions is a Defiance Ruckus branded under DavTac Custom Arms Elite-T Serial# DTT-0028 if anyone wants to confirm with...
  6. Midwestside

    Accessories Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

    For Sale: (1)ea - New In box -Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel Blank Cal: 0.243 Twist: 7.5 Finish Length: 24" Contour: Sendero Price is: SOLD would make a great 6 creedmoor, 6gt, 243win, dasher, etc
  7. R

    Which Krieger Match Barrel for AR-15?

    My current barrel (Mark Chanlynn) is starting to shoot inconsistently after 3,500 rounds, so I'm having my riflesmith order a new Krieger barrel. He tells me that Krieger offers two AR-15 match barrels: One with a diameter of .920 ahead of the gas block, and one with a diameter of .812". The...
  8. westford86

    Muzzle breaks, crowns, accuracy, and whatnot...

    I couldn't think of a decent title to describe the question I'm asking, sorry... About a month ago, I discovered an imperfection on the crown of Krieger barrel. I sent it back to them, they evaluated it, and re-crowned it; but when they re-crowned it they didn't push back the shoulder. So...
  9. G

    Gunsmithing Thread pitch on Krieger barrel

    A friend asked me to fit a moderator to his 30/378. It is a Norwegian A tech mody. I took the muzzle break off the 30/378 but the threads do not match any of the taps I have! What thread pitch would Krieger have used?
  10. A

    Gunsmithing AR-10 Krieger Problem

    I had an upper built for my AR-10 awhile ago with a SS Krieger barrel. Just got it to the range and have some issues. The bolt does not go to battery on some ammo. It seems to like Federal Match and M118 LR more than most. The others get stuck in the chamber. Occasionally the Fed and M118 stick...
  11. H

    Krieger barrels

    I am considering (planning actually) to buy a new Krieger barrel for my 700. The pricing on their website is quite complicated, and I really do not know how to budget this purchase. How much did you Krieger barrel upgrades cost you? Including installation, everything.
  12. W

    Photos My 6mmbr Stiller action & Krieger barrel

    on the range in ND
  13. coulthard_west

    Gunsmithing krieger barrels

    ive got a savage 10 fp with a 24" barrel mainly used for f class shooting. im still going to mainly be doing the same thing but its now time for a new barrel. damn factory ones dont last long. im looking at a 26" krieger in 308 with a 1-10" twist that will be threaded and capped for f class...