1. S

    SOLD Larue and Lancer 7.62 AR10 Mags SPF

    I have three brand new Larue 7.62 mags and two Lancer 10rd 7.62 mags looking for $300 shipped for all of them. Payment venmo, zelle, cashapp, paypal f&f no notes or usps money order. SOLD
  2. CJP5

    Accessories $$$Price DROP$$$ FS- MPA mounts, tikka mag, triggers, and more.

    List updated 2/8/2021 with new additions. Here is the list: $$PRICE DROP$$ 1x ARC rings 36mm 1 med. Asking $135.00 each. $$$PRICE DROP$$$ - ARC Nucleus bolt shroud, cocking piece, washers and screw. Asking $45.00 obo. NIB Leupold Mark 4 scope rings, 35mm high, Asking $118.00 shipped. NIB...
  3. A

    Rimfire *SPF* CMMG Resolute 100 Mk4 22lr upper with mags and mag adapter

    Almost new, roughly 100 rounds fired through it. A few minor marks due to mounting a scope on it. $530 for upper only. I'm selling it as I wasn't really happy with the accuracy. I had the factory do an accuracy test with it and they got a 1.5" group at 50 yards with standard velocity (target...
  4. Gunfighter716

    Rimfire SOLD: (3) Vudoo V-22 .22LR 10rd Mags

    Upgrading to aluminum mags and have 3 V-22 polymer mags for sale. One with the black follower has seen light use and the others are new. Price is $85 shipped for all three. Payment via PayPal F&F is preferred.
  5. Gunfighter716

    Accessories SOLD: Magpul PMAGs AR/M4 5.56/.223

    Assortment of 10 lightly used Gen M2 and M3 PMAGs for 5.56 / .223. (4) PMAG 30 GEN M2 (2) PMAG 30 GEN M3 (2) PMAG 20 GEN M2 (2) PMAG 10 GEN M3 Only selling as a single package with all mags included and not open to separating. Price is $110 shipped for all 10 mags. PayPal preferred.
  6. F

    AICS Classic Mags in AX

    Can you use the AICS Classic Mags in the newer AX Chassis? I've searched everywhere, but can't seem to find anything. If I missed it somewhere obvious, please let me know.
  7. K

    I need to read rules

    Take some time and read the site rules about selling before you get banned.
  8. Travis S

    Gunsmithing Modify beretta storm for Glock mags?

    Anybody ever done or heard of or seen a Beretta Storm carbine in 45 acp converted to use G21 mags? Seems like a good candidate for my 45 can but 8 rds is a bit of a put off.
  9. B

    High Cap Blaser Mags?

    Does anyone know if someone or made or makes 10 round 308 Blaser LRS2 detachable mags? If so, who and how do I get ahold of any. thanks
  10. M

    Suppressors sig 220 45 acp mags

    i picked up my new p220 today and when i went to the range i started to load the mags and holly shit the spring in them things are strong, alot stronger then anything i have encountered before. is there a way to trim the springs down? or will they soften up with time. the mags are sig 8 and 10...
  11. S

    FN SPR mags

    Can anyone tell me if FN, or anyone else, makes a 8 or 10 round mag for the FN SPR .308 rifle? Thank you Jeremy
  12. W

    Gunsmithing AR10 Mags

    Hi all i am trying to make a model 7 in 7mm Rem SAUM to have a detachable mag system i have made a folding stock with a M4 but system on it. I am wondering if anyone has any AR10 mags that they use for the Rem SAUM's or the factory Armalite short mag magazines. My questions are What are the...
  13. bobaguilar

    savage model 93 17hmr 10 rd mags

    Where and I buy 17hmr 10 round magazines for a savage model 93. Thanks Bobby
  14. sobrbiker883

    Gunsmithing AW mags in 308 R700 w/M5??

    I know I've seen this here somewhere, but my search-fu is failing (even w/the Google SH search). What's it take to convert a Remington 700 action w/Badger M5 to use AW staggered feed mags?
  15. A

    MagPul LR308 mags

    Looking for reviews on the MagPul .308 magazines.. I have some of them on the way.
  16. Outsydlooknin75

    Gunsmithing Internal mags

    Has anyone taken and opened up the length of the internal mag on a rem bdl? Id like to be able to put a DBM on my rifle but I simply cant do it at the moment, but what I was thinking is that I would find a box for my rifle then kinda lengthen it so I wouldnt be stuck with the factory length...
  17. 87Burban

    AR-10 didn't ship with two mags - PROBLEM SOLVED

    Kids, Got my AR-10 from Whittakers today. Came with a 10 rd mag, but no 20? Armalite ships with one of each per their web page. I will call Whittakers tomorrow and inquire about this. Has this happened to anyone else? <span style="color: #CC0000"> </span> <span style="color...
  18. L

    Accuracy international mags

    I recently got a Accuracy International Chassis System on the hide from another member. It's a long action model. It came with a 5 round magazine labeled 300 WM. Would I be able to use this same magazine if I had a rifle chambered in a remington 7mm magnum. I would assume so since they use...
  19. willsnipe

    AR-10 mags in a 700?

    It may not be the brightest idea, but in the interest of making everything interchangable, has anyone tried feeding a 700 from AR-10 mags? Is anyone out there building bottom metal to allow it?
  20. Spazz.

    Suppressors M&P 40c Mags In Stock @ Midway

    If you've got a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 (or .357) compact, Midway's got the 10 round mags with finger extension in stock right now for $33.99. These things have been hard to find for a while, so if you're in need, go order yourself some.