1. C

    Kraft Data part 2 (stress number)

    Hey guys! For those of you shooting the diamond Kraft drill, here’s the second part of the data collection project that will contribute to the numbers presented on RifleKraft later this week. if you have a hard time with the aim point on the diamond just use a colored marker and fill in the...
  2. skulldragr17

    PRS Talk Free Recoil Shooting

    For those of you interested in learning what free recoil shooting is, want to get better at it or would like to get another perspective on it, take a look at the below article that I've recently published.
  3. T

    basic marksmanship training video

    Just purchased this dvd I'm hoping to learn basic marksmanship skills first off before even getting into tactical part of shooting...I will be complementing it with books and practice ofcourse..cannot really afford a coach right...
  4. srv656s

    Missouri - Big Piney - Tactical Marksmanship comp

    Got out to shoot yesterday with the guys from the Big Piney Sportsman's club in the Tactical Marksmanship match. They do 2 matches, an F-Class type match where you shoot 5 shots prone @ 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800 yards. Yesterday was teh first time I tried the Tactical match...
  5. B

    Advanced Marksmanship Need Some Hepl With Marksmanship

    I am shooting an Anschutz 1413 using Redfield Olympic front and rear sights. I have an adjustable rear aperature that allows an opening from 0.8 mm to 2.2 mm. I am 62 years old. My problem is there is an apparent mirage in the center of the rear aperature--kinda looks like a piece of "lint"...
  6. rweldon

    Civilian Marksmanship Program

    Anybody ever use the Civilian Marksmanship Program to buy an old military rifle? I'm thinking about getting an old surplus M1 Garand to do some plinking with. They have a store up at Port Clinton here in Ohio...since I'm just a couple hour drive away, I'm thinking about going and checking it out.
  7. W

    LAV Advanced Handgun Marksmanship; NTX; 10/8-9/09

    Vickers Tactical Advanced Handgun Marksmanship Course Larry Vickers, former U. S. Army Delta Force operator/weapons trainer, American Pistol Guild gunsmith and firearms industry consultant will be returning to North Texas to present his two day Advanced Handgun Marksmanship Course. Larry’s...
  8. j-huskey

    Advanced Marksmanship Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

    Based on the two topics, "Is Marksmanship Dead" and Equipment Versus Shooter" and the comments engendered. I know nobody here needs to read what is about to be posted, but it's been around a long time and used by a lot of people and covers fundamentals pretty well. I know, reticle is mispelled...