1. S

    6.5x47 and measuring shoulder bump

    I FL size my brass and normally use the RCBS precision Mic. The problem is that RCBS doesn't make one in a 6.5x47. I was wondering what everyone uses to measure how much the shoulder has been bumped? Would the .243 mic work since the .243 and 6.5x47 both have 40 degree shoulders?
  2. P

    powder measuring

    another newbie question and i tried to search. i'm borrowing a buddies 3-br redding powder measure and it throws with .5-.75 gr, deviation. is this just this one? are these type of measurers capable of no deviation, i'm using varget, i think extruded is harder to measure. do you all use the...
  3. L

    Measuring for Lands

    I am trying to measure for the lands of my rifle. When I insert a dummy round , I get "what looks to be 4 or 5 dirt marks around the bullet, is this the lands contacting the round? And if I want to be .010 from the lands do I use this mark as a reference. Thanks, Lance
  4. Nocalphoenix

    Gunsmithing Measuring legal over all length?

    Regarding barrel length and overall length does a permanently attached flash hider, comp or standoff device count? If so what does the ATF consider a permanent means of attachement? Specifically this would be in regards to a 2 1/2" breaching device on a Remington 870. The last owner had the...
  5. J

    Measuring pressure by measuring case web/head

    First of all, I can't find a real answer on whether case web and case head are the same thing, so I apologize if I use the term incorrectly. I've heard flattened primers isn't a great indicator of pressure. I hear that case web expansion is the better way to look for over pressure. I was given...
  6. Grump

    Measuring Case Capacity

    I've been fiddling around with comparing brass types and found that my guesstimate of H2O capacity by filling the case and dumping the water into the scale's pan is just not even close enough. Weighing the .308 case empty, then again when filled with water, yielded 2.5 more grains of water...
  7. E

    RL550 set up with off-the-press powder measuring?

    Need some help and advice. I'd like to measure powder using my Redding 3BR powder measure, RCBS 505 scale and Redding powder trickler to ensure the most accurate charges using Varget and others. My idea is to first size, clean, and prep brass. Then to use the 550 in a semi-progressive mode to...
  8. M

    Measuring Ogive to Lands

    I am trying to use the Stoney point tool to measure when the bullet ogive touches the lands on my factory .308 rifle. I am following the suggestion in the instructions and using a .25" wooden dowel down the muzzle end so I can move the bullet back and forth with the plastic rod on the tool and...