1. T

    CCI Mini Mag 40gr vs Fed AE 40gr

    Has anyone compared these two types of ammo at longer ranges....I was going to the ranch but raining cats and dogs today in Houston.......
  2. deersniper

    Rifle Scopes Anyone using a mini red dot on their bolt rifle?

    Anyone using a Mini Red Dot on their bolt gun? Any pictures? Hwo do you like the set up? I was thinking about putting one on my .308 for the close shots, but it already weighs a ton. Thanks. -dan
  3. M

    Rifle Scopes Scope for mini 14

    I picked up one of the new model stainless Mini 14's for a truck gun and wanted to put a low power scope on it. I have had Mini's in the past and know they are hard on scopes [supposedly the new ones have a different gas valve ID and are more scope friendly]. I was thinking about either a...
  4. K

    Mini 14 GB model

    Just traded for a Ruger Mini 14 GB (Government/Bayonet) with origional 10 rd mag-The rifle is 75 to 80 percent condition-Anyone know of a ball park value on this rifle Thanks for reading Ken S
  5. Strangedays

    Rifle Scopes Scope mount for mini dot sight

    Hey I have a 30mm scope and want to put a red dot sight(already have the sight) I need to mount it somewhere. I was wondering what everyone else has done or if they have even done it at all? What mounts work and where can I get one?
  6. B

    Tiger Valley mini sectorization class-Dallas-25Mar

    Tiger Valley is running a short class on sectorization on March 25th at the Elm Fork shooting range in Dallas from 6:30 PM to 9 PM. Learn how to properly identify and engage targets in an urban setting. The class will utilize scale buildings and students will engage green army men targets...
  7. RollingThunder51

    * - Mini Windrunner - Nemesis Arms Model 06

    I contemplated adding the following on to the thread concerning tspearsrph’s experience as of late with his Mini Windrunner, but felt that his message of top flight customer service should stand alone, and as such, I’ll start fresh. I promised you people some shots of the mini windrunner, the...