1. Ring

    Range Report Ballistic AE .. what is it missing that you want..

    what is it missing that you want added.... no is the time to talk, i am beta testing the new version, and Jonathan in in a coding mood!... the DA in the HUD is now fixed, "trueing" has been added, the 53gr vmax and the newer Hornady bullets 178 BTHP, 208 BTHP, and the 225 BTHP just got...
  2. P

    What am I missing!!!

    I am a little confused. I cant tell whats missing in this pic. Now I know it, It's the barreled action that I waiting on from Roedale Precision. Plz Pete help me out.... Regards Palle
  3. Triggerhappy

    What am I missing on a 100fps SD?

    I have built a Savage rifle in 260 Rem. with a 28" L-W barrel using a similar load to another rifle I have that has a SD of 10fps, yet this one is 100fps. I have anywhere from 2825-2989fps with the same load new prepped brass and weighed everything brass +/- .5gr and trickled powder load to...
  4. Smokin

    If you're missing screws for your AICS skins....

    McMaster Carr PN 91290A136. Pack of 25 screws for $5.81.
  5. L


    Dear gents I have a sad story. My vehicle was burglarized today and during the theft my drag bag was taken. The drag contained my LOSOK 300 wby, my AR15, and my Tactical operations suppressor. All has been reported to the police and reports have been filed. However I am trying get get some...
  6. TonyC

    Online Traiining Section Missing

    Errr, OK, I can't get to the online training section from the main forum menu - it's gone..... If I go to my stuff and link to a post I made in the section it's there. Anyone seeing same or have I finally cracked? TC
  7. G

    Missing posts after the Site update

    I was looking for an old post to respond to a PM. It appears as if I lost about a month of postings from 10/07, plus a few topics I created, plus a few selected posts in the middle somewhere. Either that, or I'm really bad at searching through my own stuff. Do posts get deleted and drop off...