1. InTheWeeds

    10/22 Mods

    Just picked up a nice 10/22 stainless from a neighbor who is moving. I was wondering what are some good barrels and stocks (or any other mods) that are popular. I'll probably be installing a suppressor on it in the future, so I dont need a barrel with a comp on it. What kind of ammo is...
  2. wordisbawn2008

    mods on gap ar-10

    does anyone know all of the parts that are changed? is it primarily a different barrel and rail on an ar-10T?
  3. P

    Mods for a NOOB with a 700 SPS

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times. Tried to search but couldn't come up with the answer i was looking for. Picked up a 700 SPS Tactical in .223. Put on an EGW 0MOA base, Burris XTR low rings, and a Wonder Optics 4-14x50 scope. Changed out the stock with a B&C Tactical Medalist. Now...
  4. H

    64 MPR bedding.....with VHB tape! No stock mods

    Part 4 in the series. Here's what I am attempting to fix with this mod, I am not trying to make the gun shoot better, it shoots better than I can now. I have been playing with this for a couple of weeks now. 1. The barrel actually touches the stock channel when on the bipod. 2. When I remove...
  5. H

    Anschutz 64 MPR mods

    I am gonna document some of the things I'm doing to my rifle, some of these mods could be done to other makes and models. Here's the specs on my rifle, I've had it about a year, but never messed with it until recently. Anschutz 64 MPR w/SS bbl Leupold 4.5-14X40mm 30mm tube Duplex reticule Side...
  6. silverphoenix

    New Mods to my DPMS Lr-308

    Just got it back from the shop--got a primary weapons compensator/flash hider installed along with a rail and a folding pistol grip on it to boot. Just need to put the scope rings and scope on it and it'll be ready to go. Jewel trigger upgrade and magpul stock upgrade in the future along with a...
  7. S

    stock mods

    i want to modify my stock from a plain jane into something that resembles a mcmillan A-4 style stock, but im stumped on how to do it. so if anyone has suggestions they would be very much appreciated