1. Oryx_Official

    ORYX Black Friday Sale 3PM PST 25 November

    ORYX Black Friday This sale goes LIVE from 3pm PST on 25 Nov to Midnight 29 Nov $299.95 OFF FACTORY SECONDS CHASSIS 10% OFF REGULAR STOCK (including chassis and accessories) 40% OFF MAGAZINES genuine MDT polymer magazines. Available in FDE or Black in .308/6.5CM or .223 40% OFF ARCA RAIL...
  2. TBM

    Suppressors Mossberg 500 accessories advice required.

    I have a stock 500, 8 shot, 24" cylinder bore barrel with rifle sights. It's going to be used for practical/combat style courses of fire. It requires pimping up, so any advice welcome. Now I can't have folding stocks as it becomes a prohibited weapon in the UK, nor can I reduce the barrel...
  3. T

    Rifle Scopes 20 moa base for a mossberg atr 100?

    I am extremely new to tactical shooting so excuse my probably very ignorant question but I don't know where else to look. I am wondering if there is any 20 moa base that will fit on a mossberg atr 100? Yes I know that putting a 20 moa base on a mossberg atr 100 seems somewhat pointless as it's...
  4. LibertyOptics

    Benelli M4 or Mossberg 590

    Hope it's OK to post in the rifles section. Hiders, I got one of each, if I can only keep one, which one? I've had good luck with Mossbergs most of my life, but I read on another forum they make good boat anchors. I have the A1 model. The Benelli is sweet, but I had an M1 before and I...
  5. M

    Suppressors Sight choices for Mossberg 590

    I built up a 590 with a bunch of cool stuff, Mesa stock adapter, Mesa shell holder, CAA CBS stock, Magpul Moe grip, Mesa rail... I'm up in the air on what do to for sights or a red dot type sight. Can I get some opinions ?
  6. S

    mossberg 100 ATR

    ok i got a friend who is looking at this mossberg ATR. he wants it in a .243 for coyotes and deer. Problem is he hunts in an area that could offer some long shots on deer 400yds plus. the twist rate on the .243 is a 1 and 10 and it has a 22 in barrel. I think this is an inadequate cartridge...
  7. Switchblade

    Suppressors Mossberg looks like fun

    This just looks like plain fun! Their new tactical hardware(Special Purpose) looks to be pretty nice