1. The4GunGuy

    Accessories APA Fat Bastard Gen 3 SS - price reduced

    Gen 3 Stainless with all hardware. 5/8 threads, 6.5mm. ~300 rounds through it. $165 shipped.
  2. V

    Gunsmithing Cleaning Crown Carbon???

    I have had an account for awhile but not really posted so forgive me if this is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find any other threads that would answer my ya here it is... I have a Savage 10 FP-SR with Miculek brake on it so I can see my own shots (or atleast try to) but when...
  3. J

    Gunsmithing Muzzle Brakes

    When installing a Harrel's type muzzle brake with a series of baffles and radial ports is the .020" clearance used for all baffles, or are the clearances larger for the first baffles? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. G

    Range Report Muzzle velocity gain or loss with supressor?

    Just wondering if there is a gain or loss when adding a supressor to a 30 cal. rifle On average what do others find as FPS gain or loss. Thanks in advance.
  5. NikolaiS

    Rifle Scopes felt recoil, muzzle brake vs scopes busting?

    Maybe a bit of a complex question here. (And this isn't a post about who's brand is better.) Some scopes out there have a rep for tremendous ruggedness. Bang 'em around, mount 'em on a .50 cal, and they're fine. SB, USO, etc. Then there are some brands where people have reported their scopes...
  6. J

    Gunsmithing gun smith permanently attached muzzle brake

    hi all, i have a tikka super varmint in .308 it was a decent shooter, but i decided i wanted a muzzle break for the hell of it. i have sent it off to a gun smith here in Australia who i didn't know personally but who was recommended to me to get the...
  7. S

    Gunsmithing FTE Badger Ordinance muzzle break.

    Do any of you guys now the torque for FTE Badger Ordinance muzzle break? I removed it to clean my rifle and but I don’t know the torque to put it back. Thanks, Christian
  8. 308Dude

    Gunsmithing Muzzle brake sizing

    How do you decide which size muzzle brake to buy? There's always a choice for diameter and thread count, for example 5/8"x24. I have a 308 with final bbl dia 0.820"
  9. 95LTZ

    Range Report Instrumental to Muzzle Velocity

    Having a little brain fade. Does anyone have the formula handy to convert Instrumental velocity to muzzle velocity? Oehler's program has it but with a fairly new computer & I can't find the disc. Seems to me that it was something like 25 fps for the chrono being 15ft. from the actual muzzle...
  10. V

    Muzzle Brakes, clean or not.

    Hope this is not a stupid question but who out there cleans their muzzle brake on a 308.Is it necessary? The reason I ask is that some guys never clean their rifles either or only after hundreds of rounds when they say accuracy declines. Thanks.
  11. 308Dude

    Gunsmithing Muzzle Brake size ??

    How do I decide which size brake to buy? They come in 5/8" and 7/8" with 24 & 28 tpi. This is for a 308 having a 0.820" barrel diameter.
  12. S

    Gunsmithing Muzzle Brake for DPMS SASS

    Could anyone suggest a good muzzle brake for a DPMS SASS 308 with a TPI count of 5/8 x 24. Mine jumps around like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs when it discharges.....even off the bipod. Frankly I'm tired of it. You can't load the bipod enough to keep it down on the deck and...
  13. Garys4598

    Gunsmithing Name or Maker of this Muzzle Brake?

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Request for assistance:</span> Does anyone know the name or maker of the below group of what appear to be custom high caliber muzzle brakes? //image removed//
  14. 96C

    Badger Ordnance FTE Muzzle Brake Pics

    Lads, Can we throw up some pics of our Badger Ordnance FTE muzzle brakes in here please? I've got one on order at the moment, just looking for some pics from you blokes to throw in the mix. Help keep me motivated while im away for OEF again. Take care and stay safe!
  15. gol1

    Gunsmithing Cleaning the rifle Muzzle

    Hello After shooting my rifle there is always a buildup of carbon fouling on the crown and muzzle area I try scrubbing it with patches that I apply some Sweets 7.62 or other solvent but I can't get it off completely can you recommend me of a way to clean the muzzle end of the rifle without...
  16. N

    Muzzle Brakes

    Im in the proces of building a 6.5 Creedmoor and would like to put a brake on it. Do you all have any suggestions? Has anybody ever used the Surefire muzzle brake/suppressor combo? That seems like good way to go it works well. Thanks.
  17. Captain Moroni

    50 bmg muzzle velocity???

    I am going to WY to shoot some prairre dogs and I am borrowing my bosses AR-50 I need to know the MV of lake city 660 gr. and the BC if you know it Thanks
  18. N2rockets

    Twist Rate for 100-1000 yds. Muzzle Crown?

    Hi guys I am interested in putting together a Remmy 700 .308 with a McMillian A4 stock. I shoot between 100 and 1000 yards most commonly. I am wondering what twist rate is best for those ranges. I know you can get 1-12, 1-11.25, 1-10 and stuff, I dont know what each is best for though. I don't...
  19. N

    Savage .308 10FP 24" Muzzle Velocity

    Went to the Range today to use their Chrono. I was wondering what everyone else is getting for muzzle velocity using the stock 1-10 twist barrel with federal 168gr Match?
  20. T

    Muzzle Brake/ Porting

    I have a Tikka stainless in 22-250 varmint rig and while I love the gun, I am unable to see any hit due to the muzzle jump/recoil. Rather than switching guns and going to something like a .204, would it be possible/plausible to port the barrel on the 22-250 to reduce muzzle jump. Other than...