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  1. W

    Trying to get barrel measurements for an older Ruger

    Hey y’all, I’ve got a question regarding an older Ruger M77 mkii, if I remember correctly the rifle is a 1995 model. Before anyone needs to tell me to ditch the old Ruger and buy something else, I know exactly what this rifle is, I’m not trying to to get 1/2” groups or anything, but there’s a...
  2. Victor Co Heather

    The original "sniper" of SH...

    Hey LL- What happened to the sniper pic that was the logo of SH? You took it down about a year ago... it was so f-ing slick, bring it back! TIA!
  3. N

    Some original trainer pics

    FN Belgian Army (top) and Israeli IDF 22lr's Mausers WWII H&R Reising USMC 22lr Garand trainer Polish M44 Mosin 22lr along with Polish M44 AR military conversions
  4. O

    Rifle Scopes M40 Original scope question

    I know the original scope issued with the M40 was a Redfield 3-9 power Accu-range scope with the "Tombstone" range estimator. My question is this: Was it a "Wide-field" scope or standard "Round" scope? I've seen pictures of so-called "Exact" replicas... Some are wide and some aren't. Which is...
  5. J

    Gunsmithing metal work on an original gun?

    im having some dificulty in finding a gunsmith to do some work that i would like to have done. i have a factory vssf remmy .308. it has a grand total of twenty rounds down the pipe. i want to get the action timed, trued, blueprinted, etc.. , a muzzle break installed, tactical knob installed, and...