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Nov 15, 2022
Hey y’all, I’ve got a question regarding an older Ruger M77 mkii, if I remember correctly the rifle is a 1995 model. Before anyone needs to tell me to ditch the old Ruger and buy something else, I know exactly what this rifle is, I’m not trying to to get 1/2” groups or anything, but there’s a good amount of sentimental value and memories that come with the rifle and therefor it’s worth working on to me.

With all that out of the way here’s what’s going on, rifle is chambered in 30-06 as of right now with a sporter style barrel that has just been totally shot out over the years, as well as the previous owner doing a very questionable threading job using 1/2 x 28 threads with a 1/2” x 28 - 5/8 x 24 adapter to get around the thin sporter barrel limitations. I’d like to rebarrel it in 270 or 280 as I already have a handful of 30 cal rifles. I’m trying to figure out the barrel contour I need to fit back in the factory wooden stock. I was curious if any of y’all know the dimensions or the name of a similar contour to minimize stock modifications. I don’t care for a certain diameter muzzle as I won’t be threading this one. I just need the rifle to look like it was supposed to and shoot good enough to bust a feral hog out to 250-300. I’ve found a few companies that do prefits for these rifles (like mcgowen), I’m just lost when it comes to names and measurements in sporter barrels.
Most likely it’s a #3 Sporter, or something very close.
Contour info: McGowen does rebarreling on Rugers, but you could always have a local smith do the work.
Just take some measurements and check the contour diagrams for the barrel maker you like. Krieger and others will match your factory contour if you send it to them to measure.
Shaw did my early model 77 and for a hunting rifle they did a fine job and the rifle gives good accuracy. However, I believe they charge extra to match the original contour.

I actually have a Model 77 barrel in .30-06 as well. The few rounds I put through it did not fall very close to each other. Might be me but I suspect it might jsut as well be shot out as well. I am happy with the way the rifle is, as rebuilt by Shaw