1. Doc Holiday13

    So I got a package from Dillon today

    I ordered their Super Swage 600 and decided to buy some of their case lube to see how if it was better or worse than the hornady lube I use. I use the spray pump type bottle stuff and not the aerosol can. Well here are the directions written on the bottle. <span style="font-style...
  2. A

    Gunsmithing cad/cam package

    Hi, what package should I be using for the basic drawing creation and subsequent programs for milling (3 axis probably)? I should make it clear that I am a beginner with this technology and would want to become proficient before committing a lot (or any) funds to this. Are the free programs...
  3. Smokin

    How do you package your rifles for shipping?

    Do you just zip tie your storm/pelican cases shut? Do you throw locks on them and ship the keys separate? Do you overbox the cases?
  4. S

    Is this package deal a good deal???

    Well I and a friend of mine went out the other day to bust some rocks with my Remington 5R in .308. I've had this rifle for a little over two years now and have been very happy with it. Everytime this buddy of mine shoots it he wants one. So proceeded to tell him a little of its history; you...