1. teambarlar

    pact digital scale dispenser

    hello just wondering bout others exoerience wit this unt.i bought one new a short time ago and could not use it as according to there tech there was maybe too many powerlines around the area.there wasn't a problem i got a complete refund from midway.but i am still thinking about using a digital...
  2. dirkreader

    Pact Professional chrono XP

    Does anyone here know how to upload data from the Pact Professional chronograph into a laptop? I have the cable and the can hook it up but the users manual is rather quiet on this topic.
  3. flagg888

    Anyone have a Pact XP?

    I have a Pact XP chrono and it works great. The problem I have right now is that I tried to use the connect to PC function and I cant get it to work. Any suggestions from anyone who has one? The instructions are non existent for the PC function and when I open the downloaded software, I do what...
  4. T

    PACT manual

    Hey folks, borrowed a PACT Professional to get some MV numbers but the owner doesnt have a manual. Its an older one, software version is 1991 and the PACT web page doesnt offer one to down load. Does anyone have a soft copy of a manual they can send me?
  5. O

    AR 15 PACT Gold Trigger update

    Horay! It finally arrived and IMO it was worth the wait. Very high quality fit and finish. Crisp as a glass rod breaking. Not cheap but a quality product if you have a super accurate AR 15 you wish to upgrade.
  6. O

    Gunsmithing PACT AR15 Gold Trigger, what is the fing problem?

    I have had this on order for over TWO months. Every time I call I get some BS about "waiting for forgings". What a way to run a business, take your money and just string you out with promises. Anyone else getting this BS runaround?
  7. M

    Range Report Just got a Pact Pro XP chronograph.

    Well I hope I have good luck with it. Not only does it measure velocity but it also had a bullet library built into it with b.c. of several manufactures of bullets. Then it also has a corrected B.C. built into it were it also takes in humidity, altitude then gives you a corrected B.C. of that...