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    Ruger RPR
  2. B

    Fieldcraft just painted my rifle

    Really enjoyed some diy camo jobs here on fieldcraft. This is my first bolt build, remington 700 police in 300 wm. Thanks.
  3. SSG3K

    Got some guns painted by Fosnaugh Customs

    Eddie did a great job and was very reasonable. I recomend him highly. About a 4 day turnaround. Rich
  4. galveston22

    Painted my 10FP stock

    Rustoleum ultra flat khaki with 2 coats. It turned out really well I think. Seeing as no one makes a replacement stock, this will do for now. I'm a little concerned about the durability of this finish, but I love the color. Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the finish from scratching...
  5. S

    Fieldcraft Painted the old Shotgun today

    Was having some fun with Krylon. No really the best paint job ever, but I figured I'd practice on an old shotgun before I try paining my rifle.
  6. jamesZ71

    painted my savage

    first paint job before [/img] after [/img] new rings and 20moa base on there way savage 10 b&c tacticl stock
  7. Mag 300

    Stocks Molded in vs painted

    I am going to be purchasing a stock to build a surgeon based 338 lapua. I have had nothing but "issues" wit the poainted stocks and recently say 9 months ago bought a 3 color molded in McMillan and will never look back What other stock makers have molded in colors like Mcmillan I know manners...
  8. Sniper6

    Rifle Scopes New Premier Bad Boy. is Painted!

    My new Premier 3-15X50 Gen-X2 Double Turn scope showed up from Liberty Optics couple of days ago. This thing is awesome, it is hard to find words to best describe how nice and well built this scope is. See when I first got into shooting I couldn’t even dream of being able to afford something...
  9. U

    Painted Rifle

    Painted Rifle
  10. R

    Rifle Scopes Ever painted a pair of Steiner binos?

    I'm getting ready to camo a pair of Steiner 10x42 binos. Does anyone have any experience spray painting the Steiner rubberized finish? I don't want to make a $500 mistake. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. B

    freshly painted 700

    ok i read around on the site and saw alot of painted up camo rifles so i decided i would join in on the fun and paint my 22 250. heres a couple pics. yes im also going to sell it soon so if ur interested itll be in the firearms for sale section soon. lemme know what ya think of it. 1st time...
  12. JRose

    Fieldcraft Got bored, painted rifle!!! (Second try)

    Been busy as heck lately and finally had some down time. So I thought I'd brake out the paint and get rid of some of the uglies on my 10FP. Here's the before shot, hated the "Saved By The Bell" splatter paint stock. Here's the new "flectarn" job. You guys tell me what you think... This was...