1. db¹

    SOLD WTS (1) 100ct Lapua 308 Win Palma Brass (SRP), New

    Box is unopened. $100 shipped
  2. M_16_4_REAL

    Anyone Have 155 SMK Palma Loads They Feel Like Sharing?

    bought some 155 palmas from another member here and just want to get an idea of what other guys are using. will be shooting 550-900 yards. stick: rem 700 aac .308 20" 1-10 components: fed brass cci 200 powder choices: 1. imr-4064 (have 24lbs prefer to use this powder) 2. blc-2 3...
  3. H

    155 palma coal, how far is too far

    I just got some 155 smk palma (the new ones) & I'm trying to figure out what legnth to start load development. I have the hornady/stoney point case legnth tool. If I set them .010 off the lands there is not much bullet being held by the case (around 1 mm). Is that safe or ok to load them that...
  4. L

    Who is loading the 155gr Palma SMK....

    what powder do you like, and what velocities are ya getting, I threw some loads together.. i'm launching this thing from a gps defense rem700 18". Since i have a ton h335. i'm gonna try that. I hear r15 and TAC work well too? just want to see what ya'll are getting?!
  5. pistolpete75

    Question about a light palma barrel.

    How hot does a light palma barrel need to get before it gets unpreditable? The reason why I am asking this question is, for the first 25 rounds everything was great. 100yards to 1000yards, it shot on the nose. Then all of a sudden, I start shooting high and right. This was all the way from...
  6. Pusher591

    155 Hornady Palma Match?

    Anybody shot it and how does it compare to handloads of 155 grain palma match or 155 scenars? Don't know much about reloading or anything so don't bust my balls if this is a stupid question! About to do a GAP 18.5 or 20 with a Bartlein or Rock barrel at a 1:11.25 twist. Will this twist work...
  7. P

    155gr SMK Palma bullets

    I managed to go shoot a little today. I was checking a load using some 180gr Nosler BT bullets. I had some loads left over from when I first started loading for this .308. One of the loads used a 155gr SMK Palma bullet- I have had those bullets for a long time. They had the tightest group of...
  8. J

    Wife is getting into Palma shooting need informati

    Wife is a better shooter than I. We are about to buy a Palma gun. I have reloaded for service rifle for years, but want to know what components you guys use. I have 500 of the 155 Sierras and a keg of Varget. What primers and what cases to use?? Thanks
  9. Grump

    "Standard" or proven 155-gr Palma loads?

    I'm looking to get some info all together in one place on 155-gr HPBT loads, starting of course with the "old" Sierra 155. Also interested in any successful loads from those of us on the 'Hide. FWIW, I tried some Lapua 155s over TAC and the OCW over five charges resulted in NOT One Charge...
  10. M

    .308 Sierra 155 gr HPBT Palma Matchking

    The Sierra site says B.C. is .504 @2700+fps. Just wandering if anyone has tested and found this b.c. accurate? Didn't find much using search.
  11. W

    Range Report New Sierra 155gr Palma

    Hi all just tested the new 155gr Palma MAtchking from Sierra #2156 it is replacing the old one as the palma projectile but for now the old 155gr projectile will stay as a matchking. so they are longer than the old projectile by .055" and have .035" less baring surface base to ogive makin g them...
  12. JoeMartin

    200 Yard .22LR Palma Match Anyone?

    Thought I'd through this out and see if anyone was interested? This is a Palma Tryout Target. Our local club will be doing some of these shoots this year from 200 yards and from the prone position.