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  1. A Gunsmith

    Judging Hastely Part1

    So in January of 2011 I moved to a new state to attend gunsmithing school. Being in a new unfamiliar area, I went gunshop surfing at the local gunsops, and pawnshops being most of them bought and sold guns. I found a local Pawn Shop, seemed the manager made it real easy to wheel and deal, I...
  2. 2

    Suppressors Form 1 Finished!, lots of pic's

    This has been my first form 1 and has been great fun. All work was done on <span style="font-weight: bold">manual</span> machines, since thats all I have access to. Started out with baffles first. Cut my 1.5" 304 bar into 1.200" sections. Put them in the lathe and faced both ends, then...
  3. CDiPrecision

    Gunsmithing CDIPrecision GW Savage DBM Now done.. Pic link her

  4. D

    Testing the GAP and the new USO 07/19 more pic's

    Well made it to the range today. Weather was perfect only a hint of wind and temp about 80/85. You all met the GAP Friday with the new to me USO scope. The rifle has been on a diet for awhile as I've been on a 22 BR kick so I desided to feed her a buffet with the new scope. Like I...
  5. E

    Photos First attempt at a pic here on the hide

    Here goes... Started out life as an SPS Varmint. Had the action Blueprinted, the super-cool bolt-knob added, got a Timney Trigger that was upgraded from Timney (the original came from this site used at a very good deal), a Broughton barrel finished by GAP, an HS stock, and a Falcon Menace...
  6. 19Scout77

    A3 w/ side flush cups pic needed

    Could somebody with a McM A3 with side flush-cups post a pic please? I want to see where the factory puts them. Thanks.
  7. K

    Lapua 308 brass weight distribution (pic)

    I just picked up 400 new Lapua 308 cases and decided to kill some time. I sorted them on my digital scale that measures to .0001 grams. I sorted them in .002 gram increments. The lightest weight starting in the top right of the pic and going left, then from bottom right to the left, ending...
  8. S

    Hunting & Fishing SHOW YOUR BASS PIC

    Went fishing this past weekend caught several bass this one was the largest at almost seven pounds [

    Pic Request: Krylon camo'd CZ 452 Varmit

    Anybody camo up their rimfire CZ varmit? I can't picture one camo'd up... I can't get past the wood stock. I have a Quad all painted up. Now thinking about a CZ for 1/2 the price! Thanks
  10. beenjammin

    New 22/45 Pac-lite show and tell pic

    Here my new 22/45 with paclite. I cant say how much I love this thing. It is truly light as a feather. My AAC pilot will finish this up in a few months.
  11. Scimitar

    New camo jobs (pic heavy)

    Finished up a few for my friends here in NC. Hope you like em'
  12. T


    How do I post pics?
  13. P

    Gunsmithing Win. M70 Bedding. pic and tips request.

    Going to be pillar and MarineTex bedding a Win. M70. Looking for pics of bedding process and/or finished jobs. Looking for tips on M70 bedding as well. I have bedded once before with MarineTex, but that was a 10/22, so this is kind of new territory to me. Its a pre-64 if that matters Will be...
  14. T

    M40A3 Pelican Storage Case Pic's?

    Anybody have any pics of what the internal layout of an official USMC pelican 1750 case looks like? Was wondering, because I want to set up a transit case for my M40A3. Some layout and content pics would be great. All the best, Carl
  15. G

    Eberlestock Terminator Review *Pic Heavy*

    My new Eberlestock Terminator came in last week, and I have had a chance to take it out into the field, to the range, and see how it loads out and how well it handles weight. The Terminator is Eberlestock's newest pack, based on the same design as the Operator. For the most part, the only...
  16. The Mechanic

    .50DTC loads Pic Heavy!!!

    Is a repost of this but since It was reloading I thought I would give it another go. http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1162788#Post1162788 Finally got out this weekend for some shooting and was able to get some trigger time as apposed to loading a helping...

    Bullet Test Pic added !!!!

    I am new here and would like some help. Dont worry it wont involve work. I am a custom bullet maker and I have a new design .30 caliber projo. It is resembles the SMK 175gr. I need 5 people to test them for me, I will be doing the same thing also.I work on FT. Benning. I just want some feedback...
  18. C

    Pic request: FDE barreled action in black stock

    Thinking about taking the krylon to my SPS Tactical but I don't really want to paint the hogue rubber stock (doubt the paint would stick well to rubber). Was wondering if anyone out there has a FDE/sand colored barrel/action sitting in a black stock? Would love to see a pic of that combo...
  19. POTUS12

    Hunting & Fishing Trail Cam Pic Info

    This image is supposedly from south Texas. Never seen this animal before. Anybody know what it is?
  20. M

    Range Report New guy range report: Remington 5R .308, pic's

    While I’ve been shooting AR’s, hunting rifles, shotguns and pistols for a while, I’m new to precision shooting. For the last few months I’ve been piecing together my first long range precision rig. The rifle is a Remington .308 5R. My initial impression was very favorable. The stock is...