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  1. C

    Hunting & Fishing Tejon Ranch, CA Pig hunt. 8/7-8/9

    I went to Tejon Ranch with Annie and my good friend from work Howard. We left Friday and got to the ranch late in the day. Howard and Annie both got their hunting licenses earlier this year so I thought what better way to get them in the outdoors more than to take them on a guided pig hunt...
  2. trigger time

    Hunting & Fishing 338LM vs Pig

    Pig lost.

    Hunting & Fishing My first Pig hunt European Trophy Done!

    My first pig in Raymond, Ca. 6-27-09. Thanks for looking, Ed <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="color: #FF0000">Go</span> here <span style="color: #FF0000">for more</span></span>
  4. P

    Rifle Scopes 2.5-10x24 FC2 Versus NP-1 for feral Pig shooting

    What reticle would be best for this kind of shooting in your guys opinions. Rifle will be an AIA M10 B1 .308 (Modernized Lee Enfield). Sought of would not mind trying the FC2 and reckon it would work really well on pigs etc.
  5. MueveloNYC

    Hunting & Fishing Pennsylvania (PA) Hog/Feral Pig Hunting?

    Anyone know of a good place in PA that has guided hog hunts that are decent? I would like to learn how to clean these piggies too. (originally I was planning to go to Texas, but I'm short on funds, but I hear PA has good hog hunts) I'd like to stay away from the canned hog hunt where you...
  6. superde

    Hunting & Fishing Pig from last night

    I shot this pig last night with my new NV setup. I wish the Iphone took better pictures at night. And a few more critters from this year.
  7. T

    Hunting & Fishing Night Pig rig???

    I'm thinking of jocking up a night time pig rig based on an AR. What type of lighting/sighting configurations have you tried and what recommendations?