1. TangoSierra916

    Firearms WTS: New LWRC FDE rifle

    For sale is the ar 15 listed below, features the LWRC spiral fluted 16" 5.56 barrel and enhanced BCG as well as full ambi lower and charging handle. New FDE full ambi M6IC-A5 "shovelnose" rifle short piston with 1/2x28 threading - 0 rds fired. Includes what’s pictured plus a 30 rd mag where...
  2. ranger0787

    Firearms Sig MCX Virtus 11.5" barrel pistol for sale

    Up for sale and selling for a friend; Item is cross-posted on GunBroker by medicfire. Asking $2750 on here. Blurb from Sig Sauer: SIG MCX VIRTUS Pistol 5.56 11.5" SIG WPMCX-11B-TAP MCX VIRTUS 556 Cold hammer-forged barrels are user-changeable and available in 5.56 NATO (11.5"), offering the...
  3. Safety_3rd

    Accessories Adam’s arms rifle length piston conversion kit

    Never used. Didn’t work on my Seekins. And waited to long to return. $175 shipped. The Adams Arms Gas Piston Conversion Kit with Picatinny Gas Block features a patented one-piece bolt carrier with a picatinny gas black designed for three stages of use (full gas for standard fire, half gas for...

    Suppressors Introducing the EZ-LOK™ System!

    Griffin Armament is proud to present you with the latest QD piston system, EZ-LOK™! We've put together a comparison video for you that goes over the Griffin CAM-LOK® system vs the new EZ-LOK™ system vs tradition piston attachment systems. The Griffin Armament EZ-LOK™ is our new...
  5. gas piston.jpg

    gas piston.jpg

    HK gas piston, the part that takes the pressure from the barrel and turns it into movement. The maintenance book advises to oil it but I am not so sure, it seems to do just the same no matter how it looks. It takes some serious carbon caking on it but it does not seem to have any effect at all on it
  6. B

    Firearms SOLD!!!!! LWRC IC SPR Limited Edition

    So I've decided to sell my LWRC IC SPR. This was a 200pc Limited Edition run that LWRC did in Sniper Gray Cerakote, and came standsrd with a Geissele S3G trigger, an AAC 51T 3 prong flash hider, and a set of LWRC Skirmish sights. I currently have a VLTOR E-Mod stock on the rifle, but can aquire...
  7. grassy knoll

    SOLD LWRC IC A5 10.5” Upper FDE

    New, never fired. LWRC IC A5 10.5” upper receiver in FDE. 5.56 Gas piston operating system with adjustable gas block. Comes with Troy FDE folding sights, Surefire WARCOMP, FDE rail panels and angled foregrip, extra rails panels and sling mount. $1450 shipped. No trades
  8. bschnzl

    Photos Pof p308-20-11m-308 20"

    The bare pics were taken by Wide Open Armory. I grabbed them from the "auction" I "won". The serial numbers matched, so I don't see a copyright problem. I bought the rifle... * * * * * * The last one is mine. The wife has shot it. She don't mind me putting it on her...
  9. TrickPony29

    Gas Piston AR's (POF-USA vs LMT vs LWRC)

    I've read up a lot on how the LMT's and LWRC's stack up against each other but does anyone have any experience with Patriot Ordnance Factory (http://www.pof-usa.com/)? If so how do these compare? Thanks in advance, Drew
  10. jephs422

    differerence between gas and piston AR uppers

    I'm building another upper but up until recently had never seen the piston style uppers. Can I build this style with a regular bare upper and lower, or are the parts specific to the piston type? And is there anywhere I can get schematics or detailed info on them?
  11. D

    Ciener .22lr Kit work in a Gas Piston Upper?

    Anyone know if a Ciener kit or the Spike's Tactical version of this kit can be used in a gas piston .223 upper? I know the .22 is a pretty dirty round to fire. Does using one of these kits get the really nasty fouling coated into the gas tube of a direct inpingement AR? Does the Spike's...
  12. S

    Bushmaster gas piston AR

    Hi Hide members, I know many of you guys are AR experts. I have researched the superior aspects of a piston AR rifle vs gas AR rifle. I know now Bushmaster makes a piston version of the AR. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding this AR version? Particularly, can I put this...
  13. cj1026

    AR gas piston retrofit

    Ok so I'm thinking about switching to a piston setup on my AR. I have 2 questions though. Does anyone have or used the Bushmaster setup? Any problems? And second The AR I want to install this on has a MI low profile gas block and MI 10" FF railed handgurds. Will this setup work with my gas...
  14. S

    Adams Arms Gas Piston Review

    Hi All, I recently purchased a rifle length gas piston system from Adams Arms for my 20" Krieger/CLE barreled rifle. My rifle previously worked flawlessly with a YHM gas block but I wanted to try the AA system as I have ordered a suppressor. Used a known-good Magpul 20-round magazine. SETUP...
  15. Captain Moroni

    Suppressors piston driven AR???

    Is a piston driven AR with a can quieter than the regular direct gas driven? I may have a great deal lined up on an Adams Arms piston kit. Thanks
  16. Diver95b

    Piston AR's

    I am looking into purchasing a piston AR. Any advice as to makes and models would be greatly appreciated. I am leaning towards a Patriot Ordinance Factory 223. Please share your experiences.