1. S


    Looking into body armor at the wrong time. I should have jumped on it years ago... BUT - Hoplite/LTC vs Hesco? Any other NIJ certified brands worth checking out? Looking for Lvl IV's.
  2. Strykervet

    Accessories IOTV Med./Long Armor,...SOLD

    ***Deal Change: $1300 as is shown, or $1500 and includes the 3 day pack below*** IOTV, Improved Outer Tactical Vest, Point Blank mfg. Current issue. Inserts never machine washed, always stored "as worn" flat or standing.. You can read up on details about 'em online. The vest is used but the...
  3. hawkinpup

    changing bottom plate

    Question, still new on bolt rifles, can a winchester 70 be modified like the remington 700 to take a detachable magazine?
  4. M

    Advanced Marksmanship Looking for maker of split butt plate

    As posted,Am looking for split butt plate for prone rifle. In prone position,I put top of butt plate in pocket, which is on collar bone,After 50-60 rds of 6.5/284, It is sore, Am looking for plate to put OVER collar bone, Have seen some pictures, Need websites PLEASE............miker
  5. H

    Gunsmithing Remington M40 mod for Winchester floor plate?

    Hello again all ... I'm just starting a Remington short action build in .223 and am pondering what I want to do for a mag system. What I don't want is the woeful Remington 700 alloy floor plate. There are a few DM systems availabe in .223 and one is being developed here in Australia, but I was...
  6. S

    Gunsmithing Floor Plate Question

    I am fixing to start my new build and have a question about the bottom metal. I am using a remington ADL rifle and am going to put the action into a LTR takeoff. My question is can I use the spring, follower, and magazine box from the ADL rifle? Can I just buy the floor plate or will I have to...
  7. JCH

    adjustable butt plate

    I have a McMillan 3 way butt plate and I want to get the instructions on how to adjust it. Does anyone know how or have a picture tutorial?
  8. wnroscoe

    Gunsmithing Removing AI Magazine Spacer Plate

    I know to remove the spot welds in a Mill but is there a thread on this. I've used the search but cant seem to find it. Thanks.
  9. T

    TVP Steel Plate SUPPRESSED NIGHT SHOOT 4-18-09

    Shooters, Get ready for the most bad ass Sniper/Tactical shoot yet. We will engage 16 steel targets with SUPPRESSED long-range rifles all at NIGHT! The targets will be painted white and will be illuminated with glow sticks (secured)and will glow just enough for the shooter to be able to...
  10. He Shoot Me

    Hinged Floor Plate to Detachable Magazine

    My Buddy wants too convert his Remington 700 .308 with a hinged floor plate to a detachable magazine. (we couldn't find the SPS tactical anywhere) Somewhere in the back of my hollow head I thought someone said H & S Precision????? Has anyone tried them? Is there gunsmithing involved? How...