1. deepsix++

    338 length actions , just a quick poll

    I'm looking around right now at all the actions that are made for .338 lm based cartridges . there of course is a even split between purpose built rifles like the MRAD and AI AX rifles that take double stack 10 round mags and all the custom actions like the badger , impact , Batt , Defiance...
  2. C

    Rifle Scopes Nx8 Vs Razor HD LHT

    Looking at either the Vortex Razor HD LHT 4.5-22x50 or the NX8 4-32x50. Anybody have a real life comparison between the two? Primary use is going to be hunting and long range shooting. I don’t have anywhere around me to go and look through each scope.
  3. F

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell Elite 4200 vs Leupold VXII Poll

    Settling a disagreement with a friend for my first post here. Which lineup trumps the other in terms of quality/clarity/build/overall etc... Please explain your decision!
  4. *Nine

    Gunsmithing Pick a barrel length for my .223AI (with a poll!)

    I'm currently waiting for my gunsmith to get my Lilja barrel so it can be instaled on my action. Initially I told him to finish it to 27". A week or so later I called him and asked him to make it 24" when it came in. Since then I've been reading more here and learning and it seems lots of people...
  5. P

    Poll Which Press to Buy

    I am having a tough time choosing a press. I need help. Which one should I buy. I didnt know how to post a poll. I will be purchasing it around the end of the month. Also, I am loading 6.8 spc and I am having a hard time finding shell plates for the 6.8. I have loaded with a rock chucker in the...
  6. HitEmHard

    Maggie’s Peace Symbol Poll

    Guys, Poll for the Peace Symbol merchandise. Please indicate interest here, and let me know if I need to add other merchandise options. D
  7. dbltap45acp

    Rifle Scopes Scope question ( Kind of a poll )

    I have a SN3 5x25 TPAL being built right now with all the bells and whistles. It will be going on top of my FN SPR A3G rifle. Now, my question to you guys is...... 1. Should I keep the USO scope and not shoot much till I can afford ammo. 2. Sell the scope and buy a Night Force for 1,500 and...