1. xFalcon26

    Pre-64 Model 70 L/A .30-06 Chassis?

    Gents, Does anyone know a company that would custom manufacture a chassis style modular stock for a pre64 Model 70? I can find tons for post64 short and long actions, but I cannot find a single one for pre64. I put in a request for MDT, but their request form doesn’t specify pre- or post-64, so...
  2. W

    Pre 64 Model 70 build

    Hey folks, First posting here. Thinking about building a rifle on a winchester model 70 pre 64. This would be a long action ( 30-06 length) Primary purpose would be positional shooting competition ( psr style) with hunting white tail being a secondary. Questions are a) will a 6.5 creedmoor...
  3. R

    Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 or Remington 700 build

    I was wondering if anyone could give me good feedback on a possible 243ai or 6mm-ai build for distance shooting... I have a pre 64 Winchester 70 in the standard 243 or a Remington model 700 bdl made in 1978. Both actions are in "like new condition" and I moving toward the 700 mainly because of...
  4. C Snyder

    Gunsmithing Rebarreling a Pre-64 Win action. How to?

    I have done several push feed actions but have never done a claw or controled feed action re-barrel. What is the best way to time and chamber with the extractor cut out. Thanks
  5. polish handgunner

    pre-ban Colt HBAR & pre-64 WIN mdl 70 300 winmag

    I plan on selling my pre-ban Colt HBAR with CMP approved free-float handguard and Jewell 2-stage trigger that i purchased used and have used in High Power rifle competition. My round count is about 5,000-6,000. How much is it worth? It appears in very good to excellent condition. Price range...
  6. M

    AI Mags on Pre-64 Winchesters?

    Gentlemen, Is there anyone building an AI Magazine conversion for use with Pre-64 Winchester 70s in .308 Win? Post 64 CRF Classics? Your input would be greatly appreciated... Regards, Matt Garrett 757-581-6270
  7. D

    Pre-64 Win 70 Action In McMillan HTG Stock

    Does anyone know if the pre-64 Win Model 70 action will fit and could be ordered in the McMillan HTG stock? I'm curious if anyone has done it. I'm looking to build a rifle based on an action that I have. I would use a barrel contour similar to the Rem varmint contour. Any other suggestions...
  8. K

    Photos pre64 M70 feather weight .308

    54' ugly duckling
  9. K

    Pre64 M70

    Hi guys, I am new to the board and looking forward to getting to chat with you! I am new to the M70 action but have been putting together a decent 67' .308 and i look forward to running it in the next day or so to see what it can do. By chance i was able to pick up a Pre64 feather weight in...