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pre-ban Colt HBAR & pre-64 WIN mdl 70 300 winmag

polish handgunner

Full Member
I plan on selling my pre-ban Colt HBAR with CMP approved free-float handguard and Jewell 2-stage trigger that i purchased used and have used in High Power rifle competition. My round count is about 5,000-6,000. How much is it worth? It appears in very good to excellent condition. Price range?

The well used pre-64 Winchester mdl 70 in 300 winchester magnum was purchased by me new in 1963. I still have the sales receipt. The stock has been refinished with linseed oil years ago. Since the mid-80s the rifle carries a Leupold 6x42 scope. How much is it worth? It appears in fair to good condition. For the first dozen or so years it was my only big game rifle! Price range?