1. E

    Accessories FS: Bighorn TL3, Proof 6 Dasher barrel

    For sale is a Proof prefit for a Bighorn TL3 SA. It's 26”, Competition Contour, thread 5/8x24, and has 460 documented rounds. $280 shipped PayPal F&F, Venmo, Zelle, or USPS MO is accepted. First, “I’ll take it” wins. Pictures coming, have to get it out of my extra gear box.
  2. DI Precision

    Accessories 6ARC Impact Bolt and barrel Sold!

    Impact Chambered 26in 6ARC by Stuteville Precision 600 rounds on barrel, Includes Impact bolt. Sold.
  3. C

    SOLD FS Tikka Shouldered Prefit barrel

    Preferred Barrel Blanks 6.5 Creedmoor shouldered prefit for Tikka T3. 24” .850 straight taper 1-8 .150 freebore Only about 200 rds old. $350 shipped within US
  4. P

    Accessories WTS Preferred Barrel Blanks 6.5x47 Lapua Origin Prefit

    Looking to sell my brand new PBB barrel. It was going to be part of a build that I don't have time for anymore so I'm parting it out. It's a 27" MTU contour, 1/8 twist and with 5/8x24 threads. I sent in the action for them to time the etch to the action and mount so it was done professionally...
  5. ShotgunDiesel

    Accessories Stuteville impact prefit 6.5 $375 tyd

    Impact Prefit Stuteville 6.5CM Bartlein 26” MTU 1,150 rounds down the tube. Bought a barreled action that is replacing this barrel. $375 shipped.
  6. Droptinetrader

    Rimfire IBI 1/12 Twist 20” Straight Barrel - Tikka T1X (NEW)

    Brand new, never taken out of the sleeve. IBI Barrels Tikka T1X Prefit - 20” .920” Straight Contour - 1/12 Twist, .22LR - Non Threaded, Non Fluted - Calfee 4 Chamber Will sell it for $375 shipped. PayPal or Venmo
  7. jbell74

    SOLD NEW PVA 6mm Creed Prefit Barrel for ARC Nucleus

    Barrel is brand new. 26", 1:7 , M24, 5/8x24, button rifled Includes thread protector $475 shipped conus Not looking for any trades at this time.
  8. D

    Firearms WTS 24" Bartlein Carbon Fiber 300 PRC Defiance Prefit

    I am wanting to sell my Bartlein Carbon Prefit for defiance tenacity/ruckus actions. 1:9 Twist 24" Bartlein #4 Contour (.75 at muzzle) 5/8 CBTO with Hornady 230 A-Tips is ~2.900" depending on your comparator. Has 165 rounds through it exactly. Broken in with patience. I had a great load...
  9. C

    SOLD Hawk Hill 6.5MM 1:8 Marksman Barrel Blank

    Ordered this barrel in 2015 from OTM and have been waiting for a build, but keep buying guns instead. Figured it doesn't need to keep taking up room. Have not seen one for sale in a while and this was always a hard barrel to find. Real OG Hawk Hill. Hawk Hill Marksman Contour 6.5MM 1-8 Twist...
  10. F

    Gunsmithing Quickest place to get a carbon fiber prefit barrel?

    I'm looking to buy a carbon fiber prefit barrel but it seems most places are at least 8-9 weeks and others are "at least 12 weeks" out; does anyone have a recommendation on a maker that has a quicker lead time? I'm specifically looking for a prefit savage small shank barrel in 6.5 creedmoor...
  11. VaderRubiconJK

    Preferred Barrel Blanks, Lead Time Longer Than Stated

    Ordered a prefit barrel 7 weeks ago, lead time was quoted as 5-6 weeks at that point which was acceptable. Expected to have in hand around this part of the month. Needless to say current estimate is another 3-4 weeks of waiting. Kinda questioning if I should cancel my order and find something...
  12. S

    Accessories PRE-FITS SUCK! Sale

    Oh Contraire I say!!! We are living in 2020 here not 2000 and with modern CNC machines and techniques pre-fit barrels are better than ever before. At Straight Jacket Armory we know this to be true! Saying "pre-fits suck"...
  13. 2ndlegend

    Tikka T3x Rebarrel

    I'm sure there is a better forum to have this in, but as a new guy I'm not sure which one, so feel free to move it. Now to the meat of the post. I have a tikka t3x action that I am considering rebarreling myself with a prefit (It will probably be a shouldered prefit). The goal is to be a...
  14. L

    300 Win Mag Howa 1500 Prefit Help

    I have spoken to Shilen, Criterion, and Preferred Barrel Blanks so far. I really wanted a hand lapped new barrel for this Howa 1500 action. It has served me well with just over 1,000 rounds through it. Using ELDX 200 and 212 grain bullets exclusively with H1000 ranging from 75 to 77. It has been...
  15. JLM

    Savage guys...any of you try the pre-fit Pac-Nors?

    Thinking about getting one down the road. How are they? Can they match the contour of the factory tube, or perhaps something a little less heavy? Curious about the bbl contour because I'm about ready to order a McMillan for the factory contour barrel, but may want to go to something a little...