1. L

    Purchase of H4350 powder

    Anyone know where I can get some H4350 on the internet. Thanks
  2. Q

    Rifle Scopes Night Vision Purchase,How to check it out.

    I saw an ad for night vision for sale on another forum, How do you find out if they are stolen or not? What resource can a guy use to make sure? Thanks for any help
  3. galveston22

    Rifle Scopes Best place to purchase a Vortex scope?

    I am looking to buy a scope in the next week or two. I have decided to go with a Vortex Crossfire 4-16x50ao 30mm ill mil dot. I know some of you have your own websites so I wanted to give you the business first. I have looked at Liberty optics but the price is higher than the manufacturers...
  4. thumper49802

    Chrono purchase and primers

    Well, its time for me to get a chronograph, im ponying up the cash for it. Also i noticed my primers like to get a little ridge around the pin hole, is this cause for concern? Dane
  5. BWYoda

    Purchase conundrum

    I'm about to buy my first "precision" rifle and have a couple of options. I can either go for a surgeon scalpel, which configured the way I want will be in the region of $4800 or go for an FN A3GSPR for $2,619.00. I'm wondering whether it's worth the money at this point to get the surgeon...
  6. A

    Suppressors Need opinions on which glock to purchase G23-G36

    Hello, I'm buying a Glock for CCW and am not sure which one would suit me best. I've read good reviews about the G23 in .40 but I was at the dealer and was checking out a G36 45ACP and I liked it as well. Just trying to get some opinions on people with some experience with either. Thanks for...
  7. N

    Suppressors 1st handgun purchase?

    I am looking to get my 1st handgun just waiting on my pistol permit. I have shoot handguns before my brother is a SO I bought him a Sig 226 9mm for his graduation 5 years ago and mostly shoot that and his Glock 23/22 .40. I am looking at maybe a Wilson Combat CQB. This will only be for range...
  8. D

    Rifle Scopes Price to add zero stop to NXS purchase?

    Anybody know what the additional charge is?