1. N

    H4895 vs. Re-15

    When would one typically choose one over the other in a .223 AR-15? Is there much difference in temp. sensitivity?
  2. Supersubes

    Hangfire problems- RE15 and wolf primers?

    I was testing loads today for a 6.5X47 Lapua. I just received some Wolf small rifle magnum primers and a new lot of Re15. I have never used wolf primers which seem to be highly regarded here. I figured i would test them out at the same time I tested the new Re15. Every few rounds I would have...
  3. kcshooter

    260 remington loads with re-15

    Does anyone have any 260 loads that they use re-15 with.
  4. LoneWolfUSMC

    10# of RE-15 and a box of Noslers!

    I just got a box from Natchez SS today! Two five pound jugs of RE-15 and a box of 168gr Noslers! I am a happy boy. I now have enough powder and primers to keep me going for a couple months without resorting to bending over for the local shops. Now if I can just decide what bullet to stay with...
  5. J

    Re15 at Natchez

    Natchez web site is showing re15 5# in stock this AM. They ran out a CCI primers in a matter of minutes yesterday so if you need it better get it now.
  6. lordt313

    Cabelas has 1# RE-15 in stock

    Just bought 3 -Taylor Cabelas Powder
  7. Joe-n-TX

    RE15 Same lot. Different months different country!

    I know this was discussed awhile back but since I had the camera out. I thought it was humorous.
  8. C

    Cabela's has RE-15 in stock

    Just ordered 5 lbs...........not cheap though!
  9. Woodlanddude

    Temperature swing Re-15 and 175smk .308

    I have chronied my loads using 43.9 gr Re-15, 210 feds and 175 smks at both 60deg and now just below 30deg F. Loads were tested using a Shooting Chrony Beta Master. Is a drop from about 2635fps to 2565 fps a normal drop in velocity for about 35 deg or so for this combination? Would H-4895...