1. JustAnOldCoot

    Sako L61R Action - Savage Barrel Re-threaded to Sako???

    Hi Folks, I need to remove the worn out Pacnor 7mmx300 Weatherby barrel on my Sako L61R action. I was looking to move to 300 PRC to give the cartridge a whirl on a it possible for me to have my Savage barrel re-threaded to fit my Sako action? Seems like the Save barrels are 1.055...
  2. rustyinbend

    Who's got McGowen barrels ...

    ... and what do you think of them? Just ordered one to re-barrel my MPA 300-WM, and I'm curious to know what other buyers think. Probably should have asked before ordering one, but, that's not how I roll. LOL
  3. F

    Prefit Barrel Change

    I just though i'd share a few pictures of my most recent experience with the parts I bought to switch out a savage small shank barrel as there were a few recommendations I had a hard time finding on the hide forums. First, I purchased a proof research savage small shank prefit. Needless to say...
  4. FLguy55

    Gunsmithing Rebarrel a Bergara

    I've been eye-balling the HMR but amazingly not finding anything clear about re-barreling them, especially for a rifle that has "match" in the name. Saw a couple posts here from back in '18 that aren't too promising, and wondering if there's more of a market for this? I'm a little surprised...
  5. savageeaglenavy

    Savage 110 best barrel replacement shop/website

    I have a 110 long action 30-06 and instead of trying to get all fancy I just want to replace the barrel and stock to get the best I can with what I have. My thoughts are to keep it simple. Ideas are welcome of a different approach. I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with a place that...
  6. He Shoot Me

    I Want To Rebarrel My Remi...

    Hi Guy's, I'm interested in turning my 300wsm Varmint into a 7wsm so sometime down the road when I start reloading I will be able to use the VLD 180grn bullet. It's my understanding that this can be done with just a barrel swap, because the 2 calibers have the same bolt face. I've done a...
  7. L

    Gunsmithing Rebarrel Ruger Super Blackhawk 44

    I know this forum is for rifles, but are there any gunsmiths out there that would be willing to put a Shilen barrel on my Ruger Super blackhawk? How much do you charge or who do you recommend? Mine has a 7/12 barrel on it now, and would like to have this one cut down to 4 5/8 and front sight...
  8. rweldon

    Does GAP rebarrel FN SPR rifles?

    Does GAP rebarrel FN Special Police Rifles?
  9. D

    Gunsmithing rebarrel bar

    new member here hello everybody! Im looking for a smith to rebarrel a browning bar to 25-06. if anybody knows of one please let me know.
  10. D

    Gunsmithing windrunner rebarrel

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as the best route to go on rebarreling a windrunner 50. Thanks
  11. S

    Gunsmithing Tikka rebarrel to a 6br??? Magazine???

    I have my wheels turning for a medium weight tactical rifle build. I want to go with a Manners t3 stock and either a Howa or Tikka action. I want to do a 6br. If i go with the tikka will i be able to use the tikka Magazines on the Manners stock and will the 6BR feed from the tikka magazine? If...
  12. JCH

    GAP Rebarrel

    Anyone know what the wait time is for GAP to true my action and add match grade barrel etc....???
  13. C

    Gunsmithing I need to rebarrel my savage F111 30-06

    Anyone know where I can get a barrel for the best price? I would also like to turn it into a sniper weapon so I would like a long heavy barrel and I am guessing a different stock. Either way stock or heavy barrel I am not sure what my options are, I am new and don't know a whole lot, thanks guys.
  14. J

    Gunsmithing rebarrel 6.8 to 308

    have a 6.8spc LTR that I am thinking about doing a rebarrel to a .308 and wondering what I need to do in regards to the bolt? Anyone tried this yet? Or am I better off leaving it in the 6.8 for the value down the line since no more available? Thinking about putting it up for sale here or...