Gunsmithing Refinishing Feedback

    Anyone have experience with Iron Ridge Guns as a refinisher? I'm looking to get several pieces done (I'm thinking in cerakote) and looking for someone reliable, decent turn around time, well priced and skilled. Any info and direction is appreciated.
  2. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing Black stock refinishing (cerakote) durability

    how well does cerakote hold up on a rifle stock after it has been refinished? Has anyone ever had it actually begin to rub off? Looking to refinish my HTG stock in OD green cerakote since black isn't the greatest camouflage.
  3. K

    L.T.M. Refinishing LLC

    Are they doing alright? After talking with them on the phone I sent them a barreled action and a $100 deposit for refinishing. Ever since they do not respond to emails and their voice mailbox is always full and does not accept messages. I was told it would take about 4-6 weeks but it has been...
  4. Anchor Zero Six

    Gunsmithing Who is doing refinishing these days?

    I'm finishing up a shotgun project and would like to have it refinished in black Parkerizing or Duracoat. Any reccomendations where to have the work done? Especialy interested in shops with fairly quick turn around times (two weeks or less).
  5. nashlaw

    Gunsmithing Stock Refinishing Question

    I have something I have never ran into before. I removed the finish from a Browning A5 that I am refinishing for a friend. On the buttstock, it looks like it is drawing moisture or oil to the surface. When I stripped it, there was nothing visible as far as old finish or oil was concerned, but...