1. pewpew300WM

    R700 Triggers?

    Currently in the market for a new trigger setup for the build. I currently use the setup to whitetail hunt with, long range shooting and hopefully some prs/lrs matches this year. So far I’m won over with the elf just because of the ease of adjustability, shoe variations and the abiltly to keep...
  2. K

    Remington 700p trigger??

    Just ordered a remington 700p does anyone know what trigger it will come with I'm hoping for the 40x
  3. S

    To bed or not to bed.....

    Have a Rem 700 Sendero chambered in 300 WM...doing some upgrades and wondering if bedding the recoil lug will improve barrel harmonics? Or is it better to leave the lug free?
  4. S

    Rifle Scopes To bed or not to bed.....

    I have a Rem 700 Sendero that I am in process of doing some does bedding the recoil lug add more rigidity to action and improve barrel harmonics or it better to leave the lug free?
  5. T

    Remington700 build...which barrel??

    alright i dont wanna have a huge epic battle over which barrel is best,but im lookin for a .308 caliber remington 700 barrel custom done. I'm lost in this any info,opinions,or experince would be geat to hear..i'd like to shoot around 800-1k range so a twist would be nice to hear to...
  6. D

    Remington700 rimfire bolt

    Does anyone know where a rimfire bolt can be bought or anyone who can build a rimfire bolt for a Remington 700 short action? I would like to build a 22 trainer like I have seen here. Thanks for any help or advice.
  7. 4

    aics remington700

    Has anyone used a remington 700 long action and AICS stock for 6.5 X 55 swedish mauser or 30-06 calliber.How do you get it to fead propperly if i hawe 300 win mag magazines?