1. bdh308

    Remy 700 bolt dissassembly?

    I havent taken apart my bolt and was wondering how to take it apart without buying the tool. Probably a thread on this but having a hard time finding it. Thanks.
  2. beenjammin

    remy 40x 22lr work

    finally found a 40x 22lr with the m700 style knob. Has anyone sent one of these off to GA or Patriot to have them trued up or the sort? I ws thinking of having my heavybarrel fluted also. its needs to be threaded anyhow. any thoughts?
  3. P

    Pics - Remy 700/NXS/Manners T2A

    Hey guys and gals, heres some pics of my rifle. Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 Manners T2A Badger M5 Bottom Metal Harris 6"-9" w/ Swivel TIS M24 Sling Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50mm w/ Zerostop Mil/Mil Click on the images for bigger pictures They are cell phone pics, so the quality...
  4. I

    Gunsmithing Badger M2008 with Remy 700 barrel?

    Anyone know if a .308 barrel which has already been treaded and fitted to a Remy 700 can be re-fitted to the Badger M2008 SA? If so, is it a straight swap or does the treading need to be extended or completely redone? Also, would it need to be rechanbered?
  5. Victor Co Heather

    Gunsmithing Superior Shooting Systems Remy 700 Bolt...

    Does anyone have any experience with Superior Shooting Sys Remy 700 upgraded bolt? LINK
  6. I

    Remy 700 SPS-Varmint not extracting

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and have just purchased a remy 700 sps-varmint with a choate stock to have a go at longer range shooting. However I am experiencing a problem and wonder if anyone can offer some advice. I am trying to bed it in with some cheapish MEN 7.62 ammo, however after each...
  7. shootist2004

    Gunsmithing remy 700 firing pin replacement

    Ive been banging on the 3/32 pin for an hour now..... is this thing glued in? it wont budge! I soaked it in kroil for 24 hours... I would take it to a gunsmith but I cant wait 6 months! any advice?
  8. CST

    Remy LTR .300RSUM any good?

    .300RSUM in the remy LTR.....Anyone know how well the round shoot out of a 20" 1-10 twist rifle? Accuracy, recoil, range? Seems alittle overkill in such a small package? any one have any better points of view? if it can reach a good muzzle velocity should be a better performer than a .308 at...
  9. LibertyOptics

    Remy 700P education

    Hiders, When someone says that a PSS .308 has a "pre Xmark trigger" and "no J lock" what does this mean in practical shooter terms? Are these good things or not? Thanks for your help. Scott
  10. duke308

    Rifle Scopes LH - Remy SA & Savage SA/LA 20 moa scope rails

    Anybody know of a good supplier? Looking to mount my Falcon 4-14 FFP Mil/Mil on a SPS .308 DBM in HS stock. And other setups. Been trying to get ahold of Seekins for over almost two weeks. Anybody else manufacturing these? Thanks