1. USMCj

    Rifle Scopes Anyone running a 35mm USO with 58mm Objective?

    What brand and height rings are you using? and what rifle/contour barrel is your scope sitting on? pics? thanks USMCj
  2. A

    Who's running a BAT???

    Who is using a BAT action on a tact build? Show me! I have just changed from a Stiller TAC300 to a BAT HR on a current build. Got to love them BAT's. Curious how many of you guys are using them. Beautiful actions... I think I need another! Cheers
  3. mattmcg

    Issues running H4831SC with 243 Win DTACs?

    I've got a ton of H4831SC powder that I've been using for my 260 Remington but have added a 243 Win rifle to the mix. I see on Hodgdon's website that H4831SC can be used with this but the volumes are quite a bit more than H4350 and others. Are there any issues with running this powder with 115...
  4. oughtsix

    Maggie’s Running Music

    Looking to put together a playlist to use when running. So what do yall have in your ears when you're working out? I have very well rounded musical away.
  5. S

    Anyone in the running for the most ghetto 22?

    I look around and see how much you guys are putting into .22 trainers with envy. Here is mine it's a savage Mark II FV, my major complaint is how small the stock it comes on is. So I bought a pad that adds a 1.5" LOP and duct taped it on. Then I did the ghetto cheek rest with Moleskin and duct...
  6. J

    Anybody running 280 Ackley??

    Ok, Just got my GAP rifle in the mail. It is chambered for the 280 Ackley and throathed for the 180 VLD. Anybody got any load data for this? I have the Nosler reloading manual to get me started. Going to try and get some rounds through it as soon as possible!