1. T

    newbies and search function....

    newbies....and my rant i know when i first got interested in this site (which is one of the best (maybe THE BEST out there), i may have asked some silly questions....and still do! however, i tried the search function located in the upper right at 2:00 first before a beat a dead horse.... it's a...
  2. ArcticLight

    Movie Theater In Search of Happyness

    I just saw this movie this past weekend- kind of behind the times but I wanted to see it.. Phenomenally POWERFUL movie. If you hate your job - wat ch this movie - you may just find new love for the job you have. Highly recommend it, very motivating movie.
  3. vikz

    Suppressors My search is over!!And its a COLT

    Hello folks I been searching for the right CCW since i got my permit 4yrs ago, and as you guys all know i change/trade guns more than some other people change their pants , so finally I saw this new Colt Defender yesterday and as soon as i held it in my hands i just know its the ONE, I told...
  4. L

    Rifle Scopes Windows Live Search Discount Has Returned

    Fellas, It looks like the Windows Live Search discount has returned again for <span style="font-weight: bold">Buy It Now</span> eGay auctions. Looks like it's 12% right now (not great, but something).
  5. I

    Rifle Scopes Search for comparison between NXS and IOR

    Can some one help me out. I'd like to read about comparisons between NXS 5.5x22x50 and IOR 6x24x50MM ?