1. bigborealaska

    $ 4,000.00 Want a semi auto .308 which platform

    Hello, I have been a browser for years now but its time to come out of hiding and introduce myself. I am in the USAF love this site and all the great info and dedication put into this site.I am in Idaho so i have unlimited area to shoot and expand this hobby. I am new to the sniper side of...
  2. O

    Semi Auto .338 Lapua -RND 2000 v.s. Vigilance VR1

    I am hoping that some one here has experience with these rifles, or knows of some first hand accounts in regards to their perfomance. I found this website from a search online, but cannot find my way back to the thread in which a "jimmy" something posted pictures of an RND 2000, but no actual...
  3. W

    Gunsmithing 308 semi auto mag dimensions

    Hi there i posted about an AR10 mag to get the dimensions could anyone please measure their mags on the following at the top the length and width of the mags on the outside so i can make a detachable mag setup on my rem using a detachable mag. AR10 M1A?M14 SLR/FAL SR25. I think i am starting...
  4. S

    Suppressors Pump or Semi- 870, 11-87 (1100)

    Looking to get back into the game after a long haiatus and am seeking another shotty. Possibly 3-gun games but definately for transitional training and home room broom. 870's are kind of a no brainer, but yet the 11-87 or 1100 "tacticools" have piqued my interest. Like the gas guns, but not...
  5. P

    Semi rifle questions

    Im thinking about buying a semi. I am almost completely sold on a M1A or similar. I Think they look sexy as hell. That and the nostalgic throwback, really might be enough for me. With the introduction of newer aftermarket stock choices, can they be made reliably accurate? Can the barrels free...
  6. S

    FN Semi Auto 7.62.. ??

    Anybody know anything about this rifle? FN Semi Auto 7.62 x 51
  7. rweldon

    Winchester Wildcat .22 in Semi Autos

    Has anybody ever heard that Winchester Wildcat .22 doesn't work well with semi autos, meaning it doesn't cycle well. I just bought the wife a Sig Mosquito and 2000 rounds of Winchester Wildcat. I would've bought Remington, but that's all I could find. My Dad's buddy told me it won't cycle...
  8. R

    Who will make a semi auto in 7mm08?

    If anyone can point me in the direction of a manufacturer or gunsmith that can make AR 15 platform in 7mm-08 I would appreciate it. rick
  9. J

    Army using RND 338 semi auto on helicpoter

    Here is the link. the gun is an RND 338 semi auto. Very cool. It's on fox news and popular mechanics this month.,2933,517481,00.html
  10. Mag 300

    Need suggestions semi auto in 308 whats the best?

    I am looking to but a 308 in semi auto and have read a lot abot DPMS AR10 etc What did the marines just buy that was on the show untimate sniper? Lookied loke a DPMS in 308 but if fulton armory the best one ?? Any help appreciated. I have a M-21 Springfield just looking to add another unit Bill
  11. L

    Gap semi auto speeds

    Just chronographed my Gap 308 semi auto with a 24 inch Bartlein barrel. I used 44.5 gr. of Re15 and 155 scenars. Velocity averaged 2750 fps. Is this typical or should I try for more velocity? My groups avaged less than 1/2 moa. Is this velocity enough for 900 yards? Thanks, Lance
  12. L

    Powders for 260 semi auto

    What powders and amounts do you use for your 260 semi auto rifles. I will be using Lapua 123 and Lapua 139's. cci primers and Remmington brass. Not much in the reloading section for semi-auto's. Thank, Lance