1. lowlight

    As 2014 Approaches does this need to be addressed ?

    So, I have been thinking, really there needs to be a better solution to the series, while many enjoy the series, just as many do not. The question becomes is the series concept doing enough to promote and propel the precision rifle sport ? What in fact are they doing aside from supporting the...
  2. Dsparil

    Choate Ultimate Rifle Stock Series

    these appear to be very sturdy yet very heavy stocks available at a very VERY cheap price. Is there really any cons to these stocks other than weight? What makes them avoidable? oh and can this sucker be inletted for the badger ordnance DBM?
  3. Chance

    Movie Theater Just Finished a great Western series

    My wife and 3 girls had gone out of town for about a week and I rented Comanche Moon and followed it up with the old favorite Lonesome Dove. If you have a few days, like westerns, and haven't seen either of these, or it's been a while since watching owe it to yourself to watch them...
  4. N

    Remington 700 vs. Savage FP series .308

    I'm looking to build the best sniper rifle a working broke man can buy. Pros and cons of both? I know for the $, Savage has better standard features, but and a remmy is a remmy! Help me make up my mind please! Thanks!
  5. krw

    Suppressors Colt Series 70 vs Kimbers

    How does a Colt Series 70 compare up against a Kimber in terms of fit, finish, overall quality and accuracy. Lets throw in dependability also. Thanks krw
  6. krw

    Suppressors Colt Series 70 / Series 80

    What is the difference between a Colt Series 70 45 Auto vs the Series 80 45 Auto? Thanks krw
  7. B

    RCBS Gold Medal Match Series Bushing N/S Die

    Anyone got experience in using this die and what's the benefits compared to a regular NS die (not from the advertisement but from the real life as a reloader )
  8. sr15match

    Rifle Scopes ACOG TA31 series or USO SN-12

    I am thinking of changing out my current set-up on my SR15 Match and go with a straight 4x scope. This configuration is for short range recreational/enthusiast shooting only, not a duty rifle. I have zero experience with the ACOG and the same with the USO SN-12. What are your thoughts and...