1. J

    Optics Go be poor right here! (Burris MTAC, Leupold VX3i, Razor Gen2 for sale)

    I am offloading some scopes I don't use, looking to sell but open to trades. First up is a Leupold VX3i 6.5-20x50 FFP TMR reticle. Asking $600 shipped TYD. I have used this at the range a few times, never abused. Has some handling marks, though is perfectly functional. Comes with mount and...
  2. S

    Rifle Scopes NF Nx8 2-5-20 vs. Zeiss V8 2.8-20 Vs Swaro Z8I 3.5-28 vs S&B pm II 3-20 Short or 3-21 Exos

    I have built a Light weight (mostly carbon fiber) Lr308 or ar 10 that is 6.6 lbs. and if possible I'd like to keep it light. I will use it mostly for hunting but it will also be my gateway into target shooting and later competitive shooting. I’m coming from a 5-25 pst gen2 which was just ok but...
  3. W

    Rifle Scopes Switching from sfp to ffp Upgrade questions.

    Hey hiders! First off I'm new to the forum as well as long range shooting. My max range that I've played at is only 600 so far. I'm looking to push out further so I'm having a 7mm stw built in hopes of bergers new 195 hrs being released. Currently using 7mm rem mag. That being said my first...
  4. R

    Rifle Scopes MOA/MOA and SFP: Recommendations?

    I realize that MIL/MIL and FFP is the hot ticket now. But, after carefully considering how I will actually use the scope, I've determined that MOA/MOA and SFP will suit me better. Much as I enjoy tactical matches, I've got too many years and surgeries behind me to run around the courses. So the...
  5. Guns4570

    Rifle Scopes FFP and Corrective Lenses vs SFP Question

    This question is for guys that have to wear corrective lenses only, if you don't wear them daily please don't post. It seems to me... that looking through many FFP scopes with my glasses...they appear dimmer and not as clear out the edge as a SFP scope with good glass like a Zeiss Conquest and...
  6. F

    Rifle Scopes SFP Ranging w/reticle on different powers

    Has anyone had much experience using the reticle for holdovers and ranging at different power. I have NF 3.5-15 with the NP-R2 Reticle. I was considering using it on 7-1/2 power to create twice the MOA hold overs. I have no idea how repeatable it might be, just curius if anyone has explored this...
  7. BigBrother

    Rifle Scopes The difference between FFP & SFP Leupold reticles

    I've used a number of Leupold Mark 4s, and I've noticed that the ones that are FFP have a reticle that remains solid black, but SFP ones have a weird "browning" reticle that changes colors based on the shade underneath it, as seen here: Anyone know what gives with the difference? Also, I've...
  8. W

    Rifle Scopes FFP vs SFP

    I have looked everywhere on the internet to find a answer to this question: at 16X how thick does a mill-dot reticle appear in a FFP scope???