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  1. Lowlight

    Official CameraLandNY Customer Questions

    Location for the official CameralandNY Thread
  2. Lowlight

    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Brandon Maddox of Silencer Central

    https://theeverydaysniper.podbean.com/e/the-everyday-sniper-podcast-brandon-maddox-of-silencer-central/ The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Brandon Maddox of Silencer Central Welcome to the Everyday Sniper Podcast, today we have a great episode with Brandon Maddox of Silencer Central. I am giant...
  3. TerribleProblem

    Accessories WTS NF Mounts

    Hey guys, I'd like to sell some spare mounts im not using NF UltraMount Dark Earth (34mm,0moa,1.540) $275 TYD NightForce X-Treme Duty Ultralite Black (34mm,0moa,1inch) $185 TYD
  4. M

    SOLD CMMG MK17 9mm PCC $1000

    CMMG Resolute MK17 PCC 9mm, 16” Barrel $1000 with magwell, mags, and CMMG trigger + buffer. $1350 with optional accessories. Pictures Comes with: 3x 30rd Sig P320/M17 Magazines Techwell Magwell Magpul SL-K Stock CMMG Zeroed Parts Arisaka Handstop $1350 Triggertech Diamond Single Stage JP SCS...
  5. SniperCook

    SOLD Shooters/reloader package

    140 rounds of 223rem 1600 rds 22lr federal 400 223rem Winchester 40 6.5creed 6.5 PRC 60 rounds precision hunter 240 45acp rounds Spot shot wifi camera Torque wrench wheeler Wheeler scope level 8 different dies 3 aics magazines Shooter belt with dump bag tourniquet and cobra magazines...
  6. hsdk

    Siderunners (aka. Wings)

    We now carry a new version of our "Siderunners", grips that can be mounted on your M-LOK chassis or stock, that help manage recoil and stabilize your rifle to improve (minimize) wobble. Find them here: https://g-parts.dk/en/product/siderunners-with-thumb-rest/ $57 for a set (depending on the...
  7. SniperCook

    SOLD Accutac bipod arca adapter

    Accutac bipod arca asking for 275 plus shipping.
  8. Valkyrie1776

    22 pistol bullseye

    I’m starting my first indoor pistol league. 22 bullseye. I have a Ruger Mark 4 with a top pic rail. I want opinions on these 3 red dots Sig Romeo zero Vortex venom Swapfox king slayer They all fit my budget. Which would you choose and why? I’m NOT interested in other brands at this time.
  9. The4GunGuy

    PRS Practice - Stable Platform

    Hey everyone! Another in my PRS Practice series on how you MIGHT think about shooting a stage. This platform looks simple, but beware of the elevation angle relative to the targets that are about 30ft BELOW it. Enjoy!

    SOLD Sightron SIII Long Range 8-32x56mm MOA 2 Reticle - $700 OBO

    SOLD Sightron SIII Long Range 8-32x56mm MOA 2 Reticle - $700 OBO Model #25149 This scope is lightly used and in good condition, slight ring marks from some nightforce rings and very slight marks on the bell that are barely noticeable. Glass is flawless, turrets track true and no mechanical...
  11. Lowlight

    Precision Rifle Gear Crossfire Ep 1: Picking a Tripod

    Welcome to Crossfire with Chris and Frank Part of this will lead into the Livestream stuff I am working on, but here are some produced videos to help answers some of the more common questions we get. In this first episode Chris and I talk tripods and how we look at the tripods. We are...
  12. N

    SOLD Vortex pro GT tripod (no head

    Vortex pro GT tripod (no head). Comes in the factory bag. Good overall condition. $110 shipped.
  13. thearmory

    Ammo belted ammo

    we have about 20k rounds of belted .308 nato fmj, and 20k rounds of belted .50. in the 20k rounds of .50 about 2k rounds are API. asking .85 a round for 308, and $3 a round for 50 fmj. the APi asking $5 a round . prices are negotiable when buying large quantities! contact me at 361-212-7141
  14. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories FOUND -SAP Solo Sack (lightweight)

    I’m in the market and wanted to check here first before buying new. Thanks!
  15. Lowlight

    Advanced Marksmanship The Measure of a Man and His Rifle

    So in the "Precision AR" thread, it was discussed that in order to gauge a rifle and shooter you need a 20 shot group? I get this argument goes back 100 years as people always want more. But if we go back in time when Sniper's Hide was in its infancy, I tried enacting a 5 shot minimum on...
  16. Eric_H

    Member Link Up Louisville, KY area?

    Looking to link up with some folks in the area and shoot. Headed down to rock castle once a month or so last year. Looking for some friends to tag along this year or some new ideas on places to shoot locally.
  17. S

    Firearms (Sold) Seekins SP10 6.5 Creedmoor upgrades $1550

    Seekins SP10 6.5 Creedmoor. The barrel is cut down to 18", tuned, AAC breakout is timed to barrel, 2 stage geissele flat trigger, Luth AR mb-a1 stock. Mlok handgaurd, as well as a KeyMod handguard. It comes with one 20 round mag and one 10 round mag, as well as a Seekins carrying case. Fully...
  18. S

    Firearms (Sold) Like new Windham Weaponry 6.5 Creedmoor $950

    I’m selling a Windham 6.5 Creedmoor. I’ve shot this gun 14 times. It shot sub moa with the factory Hornady ammo I shot (143gr). I intended for my wife to use it as a hog gun, but she never got interested, so it has just sat in my safe. It’s in mint condition. Plus an AAC Brake. $950
  19. S

    (SPF) Vortex Razor HD AMG 6-24x50 EBR-7B MRAD $1700

    Selling my Razor HD AMG 6-24x50 EBR-7B MRAD. I sighted it in on one of my rifles and haven’t used it since and it’s just been sitting in my safe. Price includes shipping. $1700 SPF
  20. Lowlight

    Advanced Marksmanship Tripod Height - Are you too high ?

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/DTLUMrhlGMQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> A full lesson will be posted in the online training section shortly but this is a small portion of it https://www.snipershide.com/tripod-shooting-height/