1. P

    Looking for advice: shooting from the bench

    I have recently gotten back into bolt action shooting. My setup is in my signature. I have fired 80 rounds since I got her. When shooting from the bench with the bipod, I am experiencing the rifle jumping from the point of aim to two targets to my right (at the range) usually after pulling the...
  2. Insayn

    Angle Shooting Question

    We are going through a refresher angle shooting course the next few days and pondered this question at breakfast. If one is in a high rise building, say 300 yards up and your hostage taker positioned themself directly below you at a 0 degree angle. Your rifle is zeroed at 100 yards and your 300...
  3. spotter300

    Competition Shooting

    Ladies and Gentlemen - I am located in Round Rock, TX and would some information on competition shooting. I have never shot in comps before, however I would like to start. My rig is listed on my signature, and is a good shooter. I am sure, there are many different classes. I just don't know...
  4. P

    Anyone shooting a .300 WBY

    Just wondering if anyone is shooting a .300 WBY at 1000. Just wondering and seeing the performance your getting
  5. Ross0341

    What kind of Shooting Games do you play?

    I'm looking for a few more Games to play with the buddies. I play 5 card stud, 5shots each per hand > pasties/ cardboard with cards glued to it. Best out of XXX shots etc Even tryed shotting balloons Looking for some new ideas!
  6. F

    Maggie’s Here's a Guy With Some Shooting Skills
  7. R

    Does anyone know of 1500 -2000 yard shooting range

    Looking for a rifle range, any help would be appreciated.
  8. wksinatl

    Hunting & Fishing who uses Shooting Sticks?

    What make do you like? thanks, Keith
  9. D

    Member Link Up Shooting this Afternoon in Jacksoville NC

    anyone up to go shoot this afternoon in Jacksonville NC at Flatwoods? if so shoot me a PM quick Austin
  10. Target In Sight

    Member Link Up Shooting with Hide members

    Hi all, Just want to share with you all about the range trip we had this past friday. Hide member "McCrazy" was very nice responding to my 1st post, and invited me to go shoot with them. I finally made it this time at the Angeles range in S.Cal. The place has paper targets out to 200 yards...
  11. P

    Any long range rifle shooting near San Antonio, TX

    I was wondering if any of you South Texas guys knew of a range that has 400+ yard shooting near San Antonio. I used to have a great spot on 80 acres near Karnes City but the land was sold when my Grandfather passed away several years ago. Now I'm stuck with 100 yard ranges.
  12. S

    Free Intro to precision rifle shooting in Arizona

    July 15th at 7pm, at Specialized Dynamics, 625 S. Smith Rd. #25 Tempe, AZ 85281 Bring a notepad and an open mind. Topics discussed will be: Rifles used Scopes MOA vs MIL targets Ammo Misc gear
  13. R

    Range Report Distance Shooting

    I'm in the middle of ammo research, but i am also looking for Literature on long distance shooting, subjets: spin drift, wind, elevation, humidity, calculations, ect. i don't really have the time for shooting schools yet so i am looking for a textbook form
  14. JoeMartin

    200 Yard Shooting - A21 -vs- TQ4 Target?

    For those of us (and those who will) that are shooting 200 yards on the A21 Target (or smaller metal targets such as a 6x8 inch gong like I shoot at),,, I'm wondering if the A21 Target is even needed once a person works out their Dope for 200 yard .22LR shooting? It seems to me that the 100...
  15. S

    Who's Shooting the TacPro Lone Star Match Sep 19th

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone is going to the TacPro Lonestar match in September? I'm going to be there with a buddy. Did it last year, a very humbling experience when the wind kicked up. -JC
  16. mdawson

    Range Report Lonesome Dove Shooting Club

    I have to rave about this place. It is a true 1,000yd range. They have 100yds to 1,000yds to shoot. They have a great place to sit and and just shoot the bull. The day I went I met Rob, Mike and Dave. They are real all around great guys. I am not as experienced a shooter as they are, but they...
  17. wksinatl

    Advanced Marksmanship caffeine and shooting???

    Does drinking coffee or a couple Mt Dews affect YOUR shooting vs. no caffeine at all? Silly assed question I know....but just wondering. Keith
  18. S

    Advanced Marksmanship Prone shooting on cement

    Hi, I want to know if anyone thinks shooting bipoded off of cement has any effect as opposed to shooting bipoded in the dirt. I know that if you rest your forearm on a hard surface you should use a soft material between your stock and the hard surface. SO, does that mean you should use a soft...
  19. X

    Nice Shooting!! NY F Class this weekend

    Got whupped like a rented mule by Panzer 075 today at the Albany Palma match. He was seriously into the tiny F Class target at 1000 yds. One string I think was 96 with several x---didn't get the totals, but his 308 w/bipod was kicken ass. My first time shooting at that devil's invention of a...
  20. GasLight

    Movie Theater Potentially the worst shooting movie ever!

    Just watching "Dinner with an Assassin", I think it is likely the worst shooting movie ever made. I am hoping someone out there has seen it and can verify LMAO. If you want a laugh and don't mind wasting some time, see if you can get through the entire 90 minutes