1. rescueswimmer

    Maggie’s FN Moron shoots himself in the arm, (on purpose)

    WTF, guy shoots himself
  2. Pogo57

    Gunsmithing My rifle shoots like a shotgun!

    Surplus Mauser action build up in 6.5x55 Swede. Barrel is a Adams and Bennett 21" and very, very light. Glass bedded. Free floated. Tubb's Final Finish kit. Approximately 300rds total. My goal was to have a very light, handy deer and elk rifle and sometimes it is. I expected that the...
  3. Rich Emmons

    Suppressors who shoots USPSA from Texas

    I'm wanting to start shooting USPSA matches and am absorbing a wealth of knowledge from Brian Enos site. I was just wondering if anybody I know here shoots these matches. Since I've been shooting tactical matches my pistol skills have always lacked especially when watching guys like this...
  4. T

    Suppressors 1911A1 shoots down German F. Storch air to air

    Just finished an article in Flight magazine from 2008. An observer and pilot of an artillery L4 Piper Club spotter plane shoot down a light German F. Storch spotter airplane in April of 1945. Both pilot and observ. fired several mags.. Shootdown occured almost over the armor battalion they...
  5. Hasgun Willtravel

    Member Link Up MI Upcoming Shoots

    Wanted to start a thread about MI people from the Hide meeting up when they plan to get out to the range and shoot. On that Note I will be at Youngs 5/13 & 5/17.