1. S

    Hunting & Fishing SHOW YOUR BASS PIC

    Went fishing this past weekend caught several bass this one was the largest at almost seven pounds [
  2. beenjammin

    New 22/45 Pac-lite show and tell pic

    Here my new 22/45 with paclite. I cant say how much I love this thing. It is truly light as a feather. My AAC pilot will finish this up in a few months.
  3. dax

    Member Link Up gun show in lakeland

    anyone going out to the gun show in lakeland Fl. on the 27th of june ?
  4. G

    Movie Theater And the award for Most Depressing New Show goes to

    Life After People on The History Channel. The whole show is scientists talking about what will happen to our cities once people kill themselves off. This episode had some bad news for Phoenix and Miami residents. Neat show, actually. Showed some pretty cool stuff. A lot more speculation...
  5. Strangedays

    Movie Theater Tactical Impact, TV show

    I was just wondering if anyone here has watched this show? First of all I have noticed big flaws in just about every episode. A couple of weeks ago they had a sniper drill where the spotter is telling the windage and elevation drop and the guy reaches for the focus knob on the left and moves it...
  6. bohem

    show your k98's

    Like the title says, let's see some of the k98 conversions that are on this forum. It's a little shameless considering I already posted these pics in another thread already, but what the hell, why not. I have seen a couple other snazzy looking ones, who else has a Mauser rebuild that you're...
  7. N

    Your "Working Class Rifles". Show em'...

    Some of you gentlmen on the hide make a living with your rifles. Whether it be a mid-western varmint hunter lending services to farmers, Police Officer, Military Scout Snipers/ Marksman, or Instructor at a local rifle range. Let's see your rifles, and at your discretion, give us some info about...
  8. A

    Rifle Scopes USO/FOXPRO Phoenix NRA Show

    Just wanted to say stop by the US Optics booth at the NRA show next week in Phoenix May 15-17. Tim and I will be in the FOXPRO booth inside the US Optics booth and there will be show specials on FOXPRO products if anyone needs a caller or other predator hunting equipment. Special thanks to the...
  9. junglejim23

    Member Link Up Phonix gun show

    I saw a a few of you wearing your Hide t-shirts out here today did you all catch that line wraped all the way around the parking lot !!! anyone find primers ? was able to pick a few things but stuff was well picked over
  10. SSG3K

    Maggie’s We need this guy runnin the show. Rich
  11. tumbler

    Photos Guess I'll show off a few of mine...

    My 24", 16", AND 9.5"
  12. SurgeonPredator

    IWA 2009 - world's leading gun show

    Some pictures from the IWA, not taken by me, found them on a german forum. Thought it would be a good idea to collect those impressions in one thread. Link to the gallery
  13. S

    Rifle Scopes Show some of your sight pictures

    Lets see some pics of what it is like to be you when you are about to pull the trigger. (pictures through your scopes)
  14. 1

    Maggie’s Daily Show Marine Recruitment

    This may be a repost and the video isn't the best quality but I laugh the whole time anyways. It amazes me that these people exist...... laugh away
  15. R

    precision rifles... show em

    how bout a thread for everybody to post pics of their long range rifles. ill have pics of mien as soon as i find the card reader. cory