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    Cr2 Shooting Solutions in South Texas Episode

    This was a super fun episode to record, We had a blast in south Texas and it shows Not nearly as controversial as people might imagine but with some good natured ribbing
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    ELR Thoughts from this Past Weekend

    This past weekend I had a friend from Alaska come to Colorado to shoot ELR At my Range. We have targets every 100 yards to 1775, and this weekend we added a second target to 1815 yards, why not. James came down with only 110 rounds of ammunition, 60 for his 300NM, and 50 for a 37XC, the...
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    Terrapin X App adds Google Maps

    Google Maps implemented in TERRAPIN X app The free smartphone app (available for iOS and Android) of your TERRAPIN X rangefinder enhances its functionality tremendously. The app enables you for example to measure the distance between two objects, to initiate measurements remotely, or to easily...
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    We're BACK !

    Site is working ... I am sure I have to modify a few things, if you see something broken let me know We still have a few plug ins to add back, right now iTrader is not working for vB 5 but that stuff is being addressed
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    2014 Nascar Season

    Season kicks off today with the Daytona 500. Gentlemen start your engines .....
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    Sniper's Hide PVC Patches "Global Design" Available Now !

    The Sniper's Hide Global PVC Patch is now available ! 3" PVC Patch with Velcro Looping on the Back In the SH Store for $9 plus $1 S&H We currently have a bunch available with more coming ...
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    Board UPDATE= Post Counts, Google Search, User Names etc.

    2-25 Board Update Post Counts - yes every single user lost posts in their count. This board software handles the information in a different way which effected everyone across the board. There is nothing to be done about it. We have re-index the search which was effective and reset a lot of...
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    New Site Updates So far ...

    So we are into our second day of the new software and we are aggressively moving forward on the updates and changes. All the settings in vBulletin defaulted to an off or low setting, so many things have to adjusted and will continue to be adjusted. The inactivity period is one example...