1. carbonbased

    Recoil: Sound & feel from different stocks and chassis?

    When you pull the trigger, how does your stock or chassis sound? Is there a ringing? No sound? Something else? And how does it feel? Dead? Tuning fork? Something else? I’m coming from wood or laminate stocks, where I hear no sound from the stock, and it feels pretty dead. But I’ve never shot...
  2. B

    the sound of subsonics

    I just loaded a few rounds of .308 using 10.0gr trailboss and a 175SMK. I was very pleased, I never thought a centerfire rifle could be this quiet. I don't have a can and I believe it is still quieter than my 17HMR. I didn't chrony any of them or shoot for a group, I was just testing the load...
  3. shankster..

    Maggie’s Have Your Sound On. The Ending Made Me Laugh.

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  4. JoeMartin

    Altitude Speed Of Sound Chart?

    Has anyone done an Altitude Speed of Sound Chart? To make a long story short, I live at approximately 4000 ft. above sea level. I found a balistics chart and ran some numbers for the 40 grain .22LR at 1085 fps... (Not sure I did everything right with the chart), anyway, the results say that...
  5. stephenmaturin

    Calibers sound

    Some could tell me a table or something similar with the sound in db that produce each caliber. I know that depends on some other factors like barrel, powder, break or others but some aprox. Thank you.
  6. ArcticLight

    Member Link Up Puget Sound area shooters - Tomorrow 1PM!

    RotorTuner and I are going to meet up at Poulsbo and just do some zero'ing at the 100/200 yard range tomorrow at 1Pm. Be there if you want to meet up - I drive a 96 Nissan 4x4 with the American crosshair decal in teh back on the canopy, and a Karate Kanji on the back too. Er, I'm...
  7. H

    Do these velocities sound right??

    I reload alot but just started for my .223 I shot 24 grains of R-15 in LC case with 77 grn SMK's through a Noveske barreled upper (16 inch upper) and the numbers seem very low. The averged right around 2505 fps. I also tried 24 grns. of IMR 4895 and got the same #'s. The up side is booth...
  8. S

    Gunsmithing Illinois laws about a sound suppressor

    I live in Illinois and the way i understand it is that i can NOT own a suppressor. There is however PK forearms just down the road they have them on there personal firearms. PK is a huge AR parts dealer. What do i need to do to own one here in Illinois? Lee