1. Dvando20

    Rifle Length crushed tungsten buffer?

    Do any reputable manufacturers make a crushed tungsten filled rifle length buffer for the AR15? Something similar to Spikes Tactical tungsten carbine buffer but in rifle length? Been hunting around and haven't found much.
  2. E

    Photos Spikes Build

    Edited - Fail, I guess I have to upload and can't link to Photo-bucket here Here's a Spikes Tactical build that I barely got done before the Election (it was like pulling teeth to get a mid-length gas tube). Its my Hog-Hunter now - love dragging it around the Oklahoma brush instead of a...
  3. B

    22Lr optics choice for spikes conversion

    I am looking for some advice here. ive done some research and have some ideas. I have a 16in spikes 22lr conversion that i plan on using out to 200yds in some matches and i need a scope for it. im looking for something with turrets and 8-10x max zoom. i was going to run a 1-4 but i coulnt...
  4. Hawk Gunner

    Anyone have Fed bulk alt for a spikes upper?

    I have a spikes upper on the way and everyone is out of FEDERAL bulk pack. I have a good bit of automatch for my 10/22. Anyone had luck with the automatch or recommend an alternative to the FED bulk pack? Thanks
  5. O

    Spikes Tactical teaming up with Adams *UPDATE*

    That's right!!! Spikes Tactical is teaming up Adams to produce a Piston AR that will rival just about anything out there... Starting price... Around $1500!!! I'm told (by the owner of Spikes) that they'll be available in the Summer! UPDATE- This is DEFINITELY NOT going to be a "kit-mod"...