1. JLM

    Gunsmithing Savage Trigger...Timney or SSS?

    Time for my old trigger to go (non-Accutrigger rifle). Over the years I've heard a lot of good things about the SSS. However, almost all of the reviews of the Timney on Midway's site are unequivocally positive. So, for those that have first hand experience with either, I'd appreciate your...
  2. C

    SSS savage stocks

    Been looking at these alot lately, wondering if anyone went with it and how they chose to finish it. Pictures would be greatly appreciated.
  3. nsnutter

    Aguila SSS ammunition

    Purchased a box of Aguila Sniper Subsonic 60 grain ammunition today ... shot 10 rounds through my friends Remington 597 today at an 8" target at 200 yards today. Wind roughly 10mph full value. Atttempting to resight his Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x40mm scope after reattaching it to his weapon, hit...
  4. H

    Anybody loading for a LaRue 20" SSS yet?

    I havent loaded much 556. I am wondering if anyone has found anything that the LaRue 20" SSS rifle likes? I have a ton of LC brass primed with CCI primers. On hand I have 69 and 77 grain SMK's amongst others. And a bunch of Varget. I will work up to whatever, but just wondering if anyone has...
  5. H

    20" Larue SSS almost ready

    I am waiting on a freaking buffer tube, of all things. And a couple of FDE accessories to make everything match up. Should be shooting next weekend. Wondering if anyone else is shooting an SSS and what kind of results they are getting? The upper is a 20" Larue SSS. Lower is a LaRue with DPMS...