1. O

    WTS Larue Stealth 12" upper

    Larue 12" stealth upper in very good condition. NOTE: does not come with the shown sights or muzzle brake. I will reinstall the A2 brake that came with the upper when I purchased it. - $695 including shipping in CONUS. You may also text me at 434 738 8647
  2. O

    WTS Larue 18" Stealth rifle

    Larue 18" Stealth rifle in very good condition - low round count and shoots very well with 55 - 77gr. $1195 shipped in CONUS. You may also text me at 434 738 8647
  3. Bakwa

    Larue 18" Stealth Barrel?

    I'm looking at Larue's Stealth barrels and I'm 90% sure that I'm going to buy one for my next build. I want to build my version of the SPR concept. Handy, accurate, and able to range between 25-600yds. At first I was set on a Rainier barrel, but the Larue barrels are slightly cheaper, and...
  4. B

    Rifle Scopes Need help with optic on LaRue Stealth

    Sorry for the noob question, but my head hurts from all the great information here. I am a new AR15 owner (found a heck of a deal from a friend who is getting divorced) and now I need a scope. Just purchased a used (less than 40 rounds) LaRue 18" barrel Stealth and am looking for ideas on what...
  5. B

    Larue Stealth snipers- any good?

    Hello all, I am about to pull the trigger on a Larue stealth upper, but I thought I would check here first. Is the 1200 for the upper alone worth it? I dont mind spending the money for a top-notch quality item, I just dont want to hear about how XYZ or whatever brand shoots the same groups, is...
  6. lrs50bmg

    LaRue Tactical Stealth OSR 7.62

    Any had a chance to see this, or test one yet? Larue Tactical OSR 7.62
  7. beenjammin

    Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout .308

    Been looking really close at this rifle and just wanted to know if anyone here has one? I cant find too many reviews on it. Looks like a great rifle and have seen claims of 1/2 moa out to a grand, so Id like to know what the SH word on this rifle is.
  8. ARP

    Photos Larue Stealth

    I recently bought a new Larue Tactical Stealth 18 inch upper from JasonK and built it up into a comp gun. I am hoping to get to do some "3 Gun" or tactical comp type of shooting with this in the near future. Some of the goodies. Most was bought from guys on here. Larue Tactical Stealth 18...
  9. K

    Suppressors S & W 44 Mag 629 Stealth Hunter

    Does anyone have one of these handguns. If so what can of I expect from the gun as a hunting handgun.
  10. sandmann

    Gunsmithing twist rate on winnchester stealth. mod 70

    Guys need some help i bought a new in the box winn. stealth .308 does anyone know what twist rate these came in? it is a stealth 1 could not find any info. Thanks Sandmann