1. Dvando20

    IWI Tavor X95 vs. Steyr AUG M3 A1 relaibility & durability

    I am looking into getting my first bullpup to break up the collection a little bit. I want to know which of the 2 is most durable and reliable. I have researched both the Tavor X95 and Steyr AUG and found pros and cons to both. Tavor is modern, more customizable, uses AR mags, more ergonomic and...
  2. coderz

    Can't find info on the Steyr THB Pro Tactical in .308 WIN 26"?

    Hey everyone, I'm still on the fence about a precision or accurate I.E. sub-moa potential rifle. I want one in .308 to begin with, and I posted a thread awhile ago talking about the Tikka T3X Tac A1 in .308 which has a 24 inch barrel. The biggest problem with the Tikka, is you can't find it in...
  3. W

    Accessories Ssg 69 30mm original scope rings

    Hi all, have just put a Picatinny rail on my ssg, so have a set of original 30mm qd rings. Used but very good condition. Wondering what they are worth, what would people suggest is a fair price?
  4. T

    Tikka CTR vs CZ 557 vs Steyr SSG 69

    Someone please convince to stop playing around and to just get a Tikka CTR in 6.5 CM, but a Razor HD Gen II variable 18x on it and just call it a day. Please, please stop me from doing what my heart tells me to do: Buying a beautiful CZ 557 Varminter in .308 and putting a USO Foundation fixed...
  5. Billiam1211

    Firearms WTT/WTS Steyr Pro Hunter 270 Win for Tikka/R700/Steyr 308

    Just curious if anyone would be interested in a Steyr Pro Hunter in 270 win. This used to be my hunting rifle and I took my first white tail with it. Shoots 1/2-3/4 MOA with my reloads. It’s got about 300 rounds down the tube. I just don’t use this rifle much and wouldn’t mind entertaining the...
  6. ramsfan6239

    Firearms Steyr SSG 69 PII .308 - 20" w/ Extra's&Upgrades ~ Pending

    I have too many bolt action rifles and clearing out some that I don't use enough. This rifle was purchased new from CDNN Sports for $1539. I've put nothing but GMM through it and it's an extremely accurate platform and shoots around 1/2-3/4 MOA even with my crappy aiming. Barrel has 99% of it's...
  7. travels4fun

    New Steyr Scout RFR Rimfire Rifle

    I'm seriously considering buying one since they are currently on sale for $489 at which seems like a good deal. I was hoping to hear from anyone who owns one or who has handled one. I haven't been able to find much in the way of real hands feedback or reviews on the gun. For those...
  8. D

    Steyr SSG69 PIV Loads

    Hi Guys, Need some help. I am trying to develop a load for my 16" barrel SSG69 PIV. Its a 1:10 twist rate and I have tried 150 & 155gr projectiles which are only shooting 1-2 moa with Varget. Was wondering if anyone had any good loads for the PIV they had worked up to save me some time and...
  9. A

    Gunsmithing Steyr Scout trigger adjustment

    Anyone ever adjusted the factory trigger on a Steyr Scout rifle? Unlike in the user manual this guy claims it can be done. Steyr Scout Tips and Tricks Nice little hunting rifle, but I would love to be able to shave a few kilos of the triggerpull.
  10. 19818119

    Steyr Scout

    Gents, been doing some reading up on these the past few days, any owners out there? Opinions on this as a multi-purpose rifle, fitted with say a NXS 2.5-10x32? Keep in mind that in Australia they run about the same as a Rem XCR, second hand ones about the same as a rem LTR. Thanks Rath
  11. H5N1

    Rifle Scopes 20MOA rail for Steyr SBS96?

    I need some help locating a rail made for this Steyr, I haven't seen any made for this rifle. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Kyle
  12. D

    opinions of the steyr hs 50

    have you got one , how does it shoot, any problems Would like some first hand knowlege Cheers
  13. MrClean

    Steyr SSG shooters..... shot groups? pics?

    Hey, I know it's not a GAP but surely there are a few Steyr SSG owners out there that can post accuracy results and maybe some pics of targets? Even of your rifle would be cool, just curious how accurate your rifles are. Thanks!
  14. P

    Rifle Scopes Steyr 96 Picatinny?

    G'day all, Does anyone in the USA make a picatinny rail for the Steyr ssg 69 that clams to the existing dove tail? Thanks Frank
  15. Dogtown

    .460 Steyr

    Anyone have experience with this cartridge? It appears to be a necked down .50BMG and Lehigh makes solids for it, but other than that components seem few and far between, let alone rifles chambered for it. As usual, CH4D will make dies for it, but that's about it. Just curious...
  16. D

    460 steyr dies

    hi Does anyone know who/where to get dies for the steyr 460 Cheers
  17. W

    Steyr SBS opinions please

    I have a fellow wanting to trade me a LNIB Steyr SBS stainless 308. Has two stocks along with the rifle. Walnut and Syn. I don't know jack about Steyr so inform me please. I know they're a quality rifle but don't know anything else about them. Thanks
  18. D

    any info/ links on the 460 steyr please

    does any one have info on the 460 steyr i see rcbs is doing dies but thats about all i know , there is one US company selling ammo but no balistic data, is the bullet .458 dia? cheers
  19. malaga2

    Photos Steyr SSG McMillan

    Here are two... one SSG P2K and one PII that has been cut to 21"...
  20. P

    Rifle Scopes Steyr SSG 30mm Ring Height

    A question for SSG owners, I decided to mount a Falcon Menance 7.5-50 on my SSG PIIK. My 30mm rings appear to be high. Will I have enough clearance for the 50mm obj.Post pics if you can. Thanks to all.