1. H

    Is this a stupid idea?

    I want a rifle that is versatile enough to do a lot of stuff – F/TR, NRA Long Range, Tactical Matches, Palma, maybe even regular NRA High Power in the match rifle class. I know such a beast doesn’t exist, but can I get “close enough” for me? Here’s my logic: <ul style="list-style-type...
  2. Tactical30

    Gunsmithing stupid moly coat!

    I had recently bought 15 boxes of 52gr. Black Hills match from my local gun store and when I got home I realized that 1 of the boxes is Moly-Coated. Shit. Theres $40 wasted. I dont shoot moly. Is there any way to remove the Moly-Coat and still retain accuracy without damaging the bullet. I cant...
  3. Queequeg

    Suppressors How stupid am I?

    I turned down a Berreta P92, very slightly used, for $400 smackers. No issues regarding legality as it is for sale at my favorite gun dealer. Very good to excellent condition, minimal wear on the barrel and no evidence of holster wear. Two mags and a crappy, nylon, uncle Mikes holster.
  4. silverphoenix

    Stupid question..where's all the 180 grain .308's?

    I got 5 boxes about 2 months ago and now it seems like it no longer exists! Everywhere is sold out--all they have is 150's and 168's... even the 3006 180 grain ammunition is nowhere to be found... Where did it all go? Does anyone use the heavier ammo for their .308/3006 here? If so, where do you...
  5. Phylodog

    Stupid question time - Neck sizing

    I'm getting started loading for my .223AI. I'm new to neck sizing and was wondering about lube. I use imperial sizing wax when bumping the shoulder on my .308 brass, should I be using it on the necks of the .223? I tried a couple dry and they seem to size easily without anything on them but I...
  6. sv650_pimpin

    Range Report stupid question....

    I've read that you aren't supposed to put 5.56 rounds in a .223 rifle because the psi of a 5.56 are much greater. The reason why I didn't buy one is because of that. I own a rem 700 sps-v .308 with a HS precision stock. Can I shoot 7.62 x 51/54 out of my rifle? I hope so since i just bought...
  7. S

    Maggie’s Sony Release New Stupid Piece of Sh~t

    Sony Release New Stuppid Piece of Shit that Doesn't Fucking Work